If you’re looking for a unique experience, you may want to keep an eye on a soon to be released shooter game that will be released next month on the App Store.

Spooklands, developed by Luderia, is a top down shooter game which comes with some really interesting features. The basic gameplay features are quite simple: you’ll be thrown into arenas full of deadly creatures and you will have to do anything you can in order to survive. To shoot, you will simply have to tap on the enemy.

What makes Spooklands interesting is that moving around the arenas and avoiding enemies is done in the same identical way, as the only way to move is by using the gun’s recoil. This is not only a really unique features, but makes the whole experience quite hectic, as things become choatic quickly.

To help you survive for longer, Spooklands includes ten different power ups that offer several advantages. The thing is that they’re not so easy to get, so you will have to perfom really well if you want to have some advantages during the game.

Spooklands will be released next month on the App Store. The game will be available for $0.99 and there are no news of possible IAPs at the moment.



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