Unique RPG Wizard Golf RPG Announced For iOS


Yesterday we have talked about a really unique combination between a golf game and a casual card game which is a quit unique mix between two genres that have absolutely nothing in common. If you have been surprised by this game, there’s a good chance that Wizard Golf RPG will surprise you even more.

Wizard Golf RPG is a unique combination between a classic role playing game and a golf game. Which seems to work so incredibly well that you may think how it’s possible that no one else though about this before.

The basic gameplay premise is incredibly simple. As a wizard, you will have to explore several dungeons, grab all the items, defeat all the enemies and exit through a special ladder. What makes the game unique is how the wizard is moved and how his spells are used: both will require some golfing skill. To use a spell, it has to be charged with a special bar, aimed and then released. The Wizard himself will turn into a blue magical ball, moving aroun and taking out any enemies on its path. This gameplay mechanic will force gamers to think ahead about their shots, since they may find themselves in a bad location following a bad shot.

Wizard Golf RPG will launch later this year on the App Store. You can take a look at a trailer for the game right below.

[fresh_video url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fOiIw6N6mEs”]


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Unique RPG Wizard Golf RPG Announced For iOS


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