The iOS gaming world is filled with unique games that feature incredibly clever gameplay mechanics as well as unique graphical styles.

If you’re one of these gamers that’s always looking for something unique in your games, you better keep an eye on a new puzzle game that will be released before the end of the year on the App Store.


Blek is currently beng developed by Kunabi Brother and features a truly unique graphical style, made up of colorful circles. The graphical style is strictly tied to the gameplay experience, creating a high quality package.

The gameplay experience almost as unique as the graphical style, as your main goal in the game will be to draw gestures across the screen. In doing so, you will have to get all the colored circles and avoid getting the black ones.

The game looks like one of those puzzle gamers that require a real involvement in order to succeed. While the basic gameplay mechanics are quite easy, mastering them is going to require quite a bit of time and effort. The game looks so great that more than gamer will find himself charmed by such a unique experience.

Blek will be released on a yet to be revealed date on the App Store. The game will be playable on both iPhone and iPad. You can check out a trailer for the game right below.

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