Japanese developers have always been very creative, developing many nice games centered on some really unique mechanics. This is even more true now, with the mobile environment offering more freedom to developers.

Another really interesting Japanese solo project has been recently revealed for iOS devices. This new game, currently in development by Ojiro Fujimoto, also known as mopping, is called Downwell.


In Downwell, players will be controlling a character as he goes down a well, destroying obstacles and enemies in the process. What makes the game unique, other than its level progression, is the weapons used by the character, which are some sort of gun-shoes, and how the characters himself is controlled. Players will have three buttons at their disposal, with the right and left ones used for movement and the central one used for shooting, which also allows the character to hover. Many different weapons will also be included in the game, adding some good variety to this simple yet exciting gameplay formula. Making the game more charming is its graphical style, which is clearly inspired by older games.

Downwell has yet to receive a release date. You can keep track of the game by checking out the Downwell Official Website.




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