North Wind: Trill of Consciousness

There’s really no shortage of unique games on the App Store. Many developers are trying to stand out from the competition by offering some really unique experiences which make true gamers looking for something different than the usual stuff quite happy.

North Wind: Trill of Consciousness is definitely one of the most unique games ever released on the App Store, offering a unique combination between puzzle games and role playing games.


You may think this has been don already quite a lot of times before, especially with those games combining rpgs with a match-3 experience. North Wind: Trill of Consciousness is nothing like this, as the puzzle elements are related to the exploration sequences.

In North Wind: Trill of Consciousness you will explore environments that are split into three different sections. To be able to explore them, you will have to make the three parts combine perfectly so that you can move from one section to another. The game offers eight worlds and 512 possible combinations. Which is quite a lot for this type of game.

The role playing game elements are similar to roguelike games, with players fighting enemies by bumbing into them. Characters can also be leveled up by collecting dark orbs scattered all over the worlds.

Lastly, North Wind: Trill of Consciousness also features some sort of Metroidvania features, with gamers having to find items to be able to access some areas.

If all this intrigues you, you may want to check out this excellent game. North Wind: Trill of Consciousness is now available on the App Store for only $0.99, a steal, considering how well crafted is this unique role playing game.




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