Unique Dungeon Crawler Cavesweeper Now Available On iOS


Another really unique game is now available for download on the App Store. There has been no shortage of new games combining different genres together lately, but some of these ideas are so surprising that you won’t believe someone thought about something like this without playing these unique titles.

Cavesweeper is a combination between dungeon crawler and Minesweeper. During your retro-flavored dungeon crawling endeavors, you will be encountering rats, spiders and other enemies. The only way to defeat them is to actually find all the red and green squares on a grid. The first square you’ll find will tell you how many of the same color are close. If you make some wrong move, you will be damaged. Get your health bar drained, and you will be dead.

As in several other dungeon crawler games, you will be finding new weapons, armor pieces and items that will make battles somewhat easier. Spells and potions can be bought with coins won from winning battles.

Cavesweeper is a unique combination between genres that works incredily well. It’s not the deepest dungeon crawler you’ll find but if you’re a puzzle games fans, you’ll surely appreciated the unique battle system of the game.

Cavesweeper is now available for purchase on the App Store for the price of $0,99


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Unique Dungeon Crawler Cavesweeper Now Available On iOS


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