Alongside many titles that don’t really offer a unique or innovative gameplay experience, there are many iOS games that try to push things forward, with some unique presentations and gameplay experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

The unique adventure game Ephemerid is another of these titles that tries to do something different, managing to create a unique experience that can only be experiences on iPad.


In Ephemerid, developed by Super Chop Games, you will be controlling a mayfly in a world filled with insects, trying to reach its ultimate destiny following an adventure filled with music and unique locations. The game’s graphics are probably one of the features that stand out more, as they make everything look like it’s made out of paper, glass and paint. It’s a unique look that goes hand in hand with the gameplay experience. Ephemerid’s control scheme is also incredibly intuitive so it’s really easy to pick up and play the game.

Ephemerid is now available for purchase on the App Store. The game is currently only available for iPad. Make sure to check the game out if you’re into unique games that try to do something different, you won’t be disappointed.




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