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Undertale: How to Beat Asgore – Pacifist Guide

Undertale: How to Beat Asgore – Pacifist Guide

In Undertale, players will come across various monsters are they traverse the underground world. Instead of fighting however, players can choose to be merciful and spare their enemies. Doing so will change the story of the game, and put players on the aptly named “pacifist route”. This all culminates in the final boss battle against Asgore, so our Undertale pacifist guide will show you how to beat Asgore!

Undertale: Asgore Boss Battle Pacifist Route Guide

Once you make it all the way to Asgore’s castle, he’ll greet you like a neighbor, strangely enough. Follow him into the final chamber, and he’ll understand what you’re there to do. After saying his goodbyes, he will destroy the Mercy command and the battle will start.

Despite this, you have to get through to him somehow. Use the Act command and Talk to Asgore. This won’t do anything at first, but keep at it, and eventually Asgore’s attack and defense will permanently drop.

Firmly tell Asgore to STOP fighting.

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Also, if you somehow kept the pie that Toriel baked you at the beginning of the game all the way up till now, using it during the battle will further lower Asgore’s stats, making it even easier.

Unfortunately, Asgore believes that he is past redemption, so the Talk command will do nothing else for you from this point on. You have no choice but to engage him in combat.

Use the Fight command on Asgore to whittle down his HP. You’ll do more damage with every attack, so this is pretty much an endurance battle.

To survive the battle, you’ll need to focus on learning the various attacks Asgore uses on you. Here’s a complete list of them:

  • Two gloves move across the top and bottom of the movement box, leaving a trail of fireballs behind. After a second, the fireballs will home in on you. Stay in the center, then move to the side to dodge them all.
    • An alternate version of this move involves the gloves appearing on the sides of the movement box, rather than the top and bottom. The bullet pattern remains the same.
  • Multiple lines of fireballs rain down on you in a sine wave pattern. These lines will always overlap in a way that they leave safe spots inside of them, so quickly identify where these spots are and move.
  • Small trials of fireballs rain down on you. Warning telegraphs appear on one side of the movement box with a flashing exclamation mark, so quickly move out of the way if you’re there, as a big wave of fireballs will move across that side.
  • Asgore shrouds himself in darkness, then his eyes will flash either orange or blue. Asgore then performs a huge, unavoidable sweeping attack with his lance. The only way to prevent damage is to move if the sweep is orange, and stay completely still if it’s blue.
    • The sweeps are so fast that you’ll need to pay attention to the order in which his eyes flash. For example, if you see two orange flashes and one blue flash, you’ll need to move for the first two sweeps, then stay still for the final one.
  • Waves of fireballs in circle layouts move towards the center of your movement box. Each wave has an opening that you can squeeze through, so quickly identify the opening and move before the fireballs collapse on you.
  • A deluge of bigger fireballs fall upon you from the top of the screen. These fireballs move quicker than the other ones, so you’ll need to move fast to avoid damage.
Asgore performing an orange sweep attack.

Those are all of Asgore’s attacks. The battle may seem very tough the first time you try, but keep at it, and eventually you’ll get all the patterns down. Keep your HP topped off between turns, and don’t be stingy with your healing items.

Once you deplete Asgore’s HP all the way, you’re given one last option to attack or use mercy. Of course, you’ll want to use mercy, and this will conclude the pacifist route. There’s more to discover though, if this is your first time through Undertale!

That concludes our Undertale guide on how to beat Asgore on the pacifist route. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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Undertale: How to Beat Asgore – Pacifist Guide


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