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Ultimate Ninja: Hayate Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Ultimate Ninja: Hayate Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Ultimate Ninja: Hayate is a action RPG based on the hit manga and anime series Naruto. The game follows the story of the manga where Naruto trains to become the ultimate ninja. You’ll build a team full of powerful ninjas to conquer the battlefield, and our Ultimate Ninja: Hayate cheats and tips will give you a head start.

Ultimate Ninja: Hayate is pretty straightforward with its timing combat system and leveling up, but there’s still some stuff to cover so let’s get started with our Ultimate Ninja: Hayate cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Combo for ultimate damage!

You’ve learned how to tap in succession to create combo attacks from your team, but did you also know that you can actually use a skill in place of a normal attack? If one of your ninjas have their skill ready, you can wait for the timing circle to shrink like usual, but instead of regular tapping, tap on their portrait instead. They’ll launch straight into their unique skill with the increased damage combo bonus! You know what that means: massive damage!

Use your free recruits!

Every day, you’re given five free 1x recruits for the Normal Recruit banner. Upon using one, you’ll have to wait ten minutes before you can use the next one. Once you’ve done this five times in one day, you’ll need to wait until the next day to get your free recruits back.

Try not to forget to use up all your free recruits for the day, as it’s the main method of gaining new ninjas early on. You’ll need all the help and power you can get, so even if you only get ninja fragments from the normal recruit, with enough patience you’ll eventually have a full ninja.

Complete chapter 2!

Before you can start powering up your ninjas, you’ll need to make your way through chapter 2, the chapter right after the tutorial. Going through it will unlock the ability to Promote and Skill Up your ninjas. Try to get through this chapter as fast as you can, because your ninjas need all the upgrades they can get.

Advance, skill up, and promote!

Once you’ve unlocked all means to upgrade your ninjas, it’s time to do just that! The main methods of powering up your ninjas include advancing, upgrading skills, and promoting.

Advancing puts a +1 next to your ninja’s name and powers up their main stats. To advance, you’ll need Enhance Potions plus specific types of Tomoe, little green gems. You can find these materials in the main campaign levels.

Upgrading lets you feed your ninjas delicious meals to give them experience points immediately. If you want to level up your ninjas very quickly, this is the way to do it.

Promoting adds one rarity star to your ninja and greatly boosts their main stats. To promote, you’ll need a lot of the ninja’s fragments plus a ton of ryo, the main currency. If you’ve got the resources to do it, go ahead because it’ll help you a bunch during battles.

Lastly we’ve got Skills. These are your ninja’s battle skills, and they can be upgraded by simply spending the required ryo. Just keep in mind that skills cannot go past the ninja’s level.

That’s all for Ultimate Ninja: Hayate. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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