Ultimate Monster Hunt Guide for Lords Mobile


Giant monsters are afoot, and they’re threatening your kingdom! In Lords Mobile, players will have the chance to go on exciting monster hunts. Be prepared for a fight, as these ferocious beasts are quite powerful, and you’ll need to know their weaknesses to take them down. Precious loot awaits any lord that can defeat a monster, so today we’ll show you how to take them all down with our ultimate monster hunting guide for Lords Mobile!

Ultimate Monster Hunting Guide

Before you head out on a hunt, make sure you choose the right heroes. Monster hunting parties can have up to five heroes, so you can have tanks, attackers, and healers. A balanced party is the key to taking down some tougher monsters. Some heroes specialize in high physical damage, while others prefer attacking with magic. Monsters are weak to either physical or magic damage, so make sure you bring the right heroes for the job.

Don’t forget to outfit your heroes with the appropriate gear. There are special sets of equipment that give buffs specifically for monster hunting, like increased monster damage or healing. Additionally, there are talents that give you flat bonuses for monster hunting as well. It’s worth it to invest in these talents and gear if you’re going to be doing a lot of hunts.

Normal monsters spawn every day on the Kingdom Map and stick around for roughly three hours, or until they’re defeated. Once a monster is defeated, another one of the same type will respawn in a different location. Here’s a complete list of the normal monsters you can encounter.

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Arctic FlipperHigh HP and physical defenseMagic
BlackwingHigh magic defensePhysical
Bon AppetiHigh magic defensePhysical
CottageroarPowerful magic attacksPhysical
GargantuaHigh physical defenseMagic
GawrillaHigh physical defenseMagic
Grim ReaperHigh magical defensePhysical
GryphonMagic attacks hit all units on fieldPhysical, attacks can be interrupted by status conditions
HardroxHigh physical defenseMagic
Hell DriderProtects itself with a shieldPhysical
HootclawLong-range attacksMagic
Jade WyrmAttacks ignores defenseMagic, high HP heroes
Mecha TrojanStuns unitsMagic
Mega MaggotPoisons unitsMagic
NecrosisSummons enemiesMagic
NocerosWeakens healing magicMagic
Queen BeeSummons enemiesPhysical
SaberfangHigh physical defenseMagic
Serpent GladiatorHigh physical defenseMagic
Snow BeastHigh magic defense, attacks farthest heroesPhysical
TerrorthornImmobilizes and knocks back unitsPhysical
Tidal TitanHigh physical defenseMagic
Voodoo ShamanPetrifies unitsPhysical

That concludes our guide on monster hunting in Lords Mobile. Got any other hunting tips or tricks we should know? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ultimate Monster Hunt Guide for Lords Mobile


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