It’s time to keep on playing the amazing puzzler Ulterior and in this article, I will share with you the complete walkthrough for 20 more levels, meaning that we’ll have here the Ulterior Walkthrough for level 21 – level 40. Don’t forget that I have already shared with you the complete solution for the first 20 levels – you might want to check that if you’re stuck at a previous stage.

If not and you can’t find the correct answer to one of the later stages, we’ve got you covered and, as I said, I am here to share with you the complete walkthrough for the Ulterior game, levels 21 to 40. So let’s get this started right away (and, as always, check out the video at the end if some of the text explanations don’t make sense to you)!

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 21
Simply place your device on a flat surface (like your desk or table) to create the square and wait for the meter to fill up.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 22
Tap the center of the screen to see the OK button. Tap it again to see how it divides, then place for fingers on the screen exactly where the four parts of it will be (top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right).

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 23
Simply swipe at the top of the boat from the left to the right until it disappears from the screen.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 24
Drag the shapes where they match, until you are left with the odd one out at the bottom. However, it fits over the triangle, so put it there and you complete the level!

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 25
You will see the name of the city (it changes every time). All you have to do it to Google “What’s the time in X city” and that is your password. So if you get Sydney, Google “What’s the time in Sydney” and write those numbers, having in mind that the game uses 0-24 for time and not AM/PM. So 9:14 PM would be 2114.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 26
Simply follow the lines that you see on the middle of the screen to create the H (swipe your finger to “write”)

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 27
Tap the letter O to reveal the key and that’s it. You don’t have to do it in time or anything.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 28
Put one finger on the screen, on the plug and the other finger on the other plug and wait until the meter reaches 100.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 29
You need to tap the orange Zeros and turn them into 1. It’s pretty simple: Tap the middle zero first, then the bottom left one, the top left one, top right one and finally the bottom right one and you’re done!

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 30
Look closely at the numbers that you have at the base of the screen and you will notice that some of the squares have 1, 2, 3 or 4 orange dots on them. That is your password: the number with 1 orange dot is the first you have to use, the one with 2 dots is the second and so on.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 31
Tap the screen until you find the OK Button. It has an arrow pointing into a direction. Simply tap on the side of the screen that it’s facing and you will complete the level!

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 32
Put two fingers on the screen and use them as two feet going down the stairs. Keep on doing so until you reach 100 (you can raise your fingers and start over if you reach the end of the stairs, without losing progress).

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 33
Look at all the letters – W – until you find the odd one out, which is the M.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 34
This one is really tricky. In order to see the correct answer, swipe the screen up and you will reveal option D: Everest. This is the correct answer because Mount Everest was still the highest in the world even before it was discovered (even though people didn’t know at that time).

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 35
This one is pretty tricky, but doable. If you quickly tap with 2-3 fingers (or swipe your finger over) the top left area of the screen, you will see that the pixels that your taps create have an area that remains blacked out. Eventually, you will be able to see that there’s a number there. That’s your first number of your password. Continue doing this to the right and you will reveal the rest of the numbers. The password is always different.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 36
Tap either the top left or top right side of the screen and you will see a dot. Then tilt your device in the required directions to draw lines and create a square. If you start at the top right, for example, tilt your device vertically first, then to the left, then downwards, then to the right.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 37
Use to fingers to pinch as if you were zooming in on a photo or browser page and with the square you create, simply move around the screen until you find a coin with a dollar sign on it. Simply tap that coin with another finger and you’re done!

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 38
Tap at the top of the screen until the chicken appears, then keep on giving food to it until you get it inside its home.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 39
I don’t really know why, but if you tap the “R” letter in the word “Here”, you complete the level. I would love to hear the explanation if anybody understands it.

Ulterior Walkthrough: Level 40
This one is really tricky. When you start the level, you will see that there are two lines of yellow dots that are somewhat vertical:

ulterior walkthrough level 40 - 1

Tap and swipe the to the left or the right, until they are both either to the extreme left or right of the screen. Now you have revealed the password, but it is mirrored:

ulterior walkthrough level 40 - 2

You either look at it and try to make the numbers out (from right to left) or you look at your phone in the mirror or take a screenshot and mirror it – the choice is yours. However, it appears that the answer is at all times 9261, so you might want to directly tap it and go on with this.

The mirrored image.
The mirrored image.

Here is the video walkthrough for the next 20 levels, in case you need extra help:

And this is it! We have completed 20 more levels in the game, but there’s a lot more left, so make sure you come back soon for the solution to the rest of the levels of this great game!

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