Two Fingers, One Brain Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Solve More Puzzles


Two Fingers, One Brain is a brand new iPhone and iPad app that tests our capacity to adapts and be able to think with both our “left brain” and “right brain”. In other words, we play two mini games or puzzles at once, and it’s really difficult. I am here to share with you a set of Two Fingers One Brain cheats and tips that will hopefully help you complete as many puzzles as possible and get a high score that will make your friends envious.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s find out some Two Fingers One Brain cheats and tips below! Please note: we’re not talking here about score alterations that will get you at the top of the leaderboards by hacking the game, we’re talking about genuine tips and tricks!

1. Learn the games
Don’t worry too much at first about high scores or such and instead learn the mini games. There’s just a few of them and some are more skill based – those are the ones you have to pay more attention to. After you play for several times and you know exactly how each game plays by seeing it without reading the instructions, you’re ready for your high score run!

2. Longer vs shorter mini games
Some games have a shorter time frame in which they have to be solved, while others give you a lot more time. Focus on completing the fast ones first, and take your time with the longer ones. For the alien shooting game, for example, you don’t even have to look at the game – just tap the “Fire” button until you get all the UFOs. The jumping and avoiding game are a bit more difficult as they really need you to pay attention, but they can be done. Solve the easiest, shortest game first and take your time with the other.

3. Keep practicing
Your brain will train relatively fast to use both sides and as you practice, you will get better and better. You’ll learn the mini games (some will always be a bit more challenging, like the “what color is…” game but you will get better).

4. The Two Fingers One Brain cheat
You can really cheat and score humongous scores for the leaderboards if you get another person to play the game with you and each of you focuses on a side. This, of course, doesn’t really give you too much bragging rights, but if it is a super high score that you’re looking for, that’s the easiest way to get it!

And these are our Two Fingers One Brain cheats and tips, we really hope that you’ll find them useful!

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Two Fingers, One Brain Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Solve More Puzzles


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