Welcome to your very own personal TV broadcasting station! You’re officially in charge in TV Empire Tycoon, the idle management game where you’re the boss who decides what goes on the air. Hire staff, build recording studios, and make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible with the help of our TV Empire Tycoon tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the Contract Objectives

Starting out in TV Empire Tycoon can be a very daunting task, as the game has a somewhat lengthy tutorial and it kind of glosses over the finer details of the game. While we’re here to guide you through the game, keep in mind that the contract missions are also a great guideline to follow.

These contracts can be accessed at any time by tapping the clipboard at the bottom right corner of the screen. You’ll be given a potential contract, but in order for the deal to go through you must complete all of the listed objectives. These objectives will ask you to level up certain parts of a room, and completing an objective will reward you with some gems.

Completing all objectives will successfully sign the contract with the company, and you’ll get a permanent boost to your advertising revenue, which is the money you get per hour. You’ll also receive a new contract opportunity with a list of new objectives, so this is the way to go if you’re looking to go down the general progression route.

Start Small then Slowly Expand

Generally, there are two types of upgrades for each kind of room: upgrades that increase the efficiency of the staff, and upgrades that unlock new slots for new employees. Early on in the game you’ll want to stick to efficiency upgrades only as that will help you build up a nice cash reserve.

Unlocking all of the additional staff slots can make your station work faster, but you’ll burn through your money just as fast due to the increased staff wages you’ll need to pay. It’s better to help out your existing staff members by giving them more tools firstly, then start hiring new people.

Look for Bottlenecks

Efficiency is the name of the game, and if your TV station isn’t running at optimum efficiency, you’ll see little hourglass icons pop up over your room. If you see this icon that means the station is ready to go but it’s waiting on something – tap on the icon to see what.

If your shows are being delayed, you may have a bottleneck in your reception area, so try adding more desks and receptionist. You may also have a traffic jam in your make up area, as your news room can fill up with lots of anchors fast, and if you still only have one make up artist they will quickly become overwhelmed.

Alternatively, you can also use the stats button to get an overall picture of your station. Like the tutorial says, as long as your daily profits are in the green you should be good to go. Your profits will drop if your employees are unhappy, so make sure you have enough maintenance workers on hand.

Take Care of your Staff

Keeping your staff happy is the key to balancing your profits. Unhappy workers will drastically lower the amount of earnings you get from your shows, so taking care of them as quickly as possible is important.

Keep an eye on your Break Room, as that’s usually the culprit in lowered happiness. If a vending machine is broken, or there aren’t enough seats for all of your staff, their happiness may go down. Build accordingly when you have unhappy staff.

Having a Dressing Room on hand is helpful too. You can assign any presenters or actors to a Dressing Room to greatly boost their happiness. If you have a star actor, they NEED a Dressing Room of their own otherwise their happiness will decline dramatically.

Getting Star Characters

Instead of the random people you hire for staff, you can try for special star characters. These characters have very good stats and unique bonuses that sometimes apply to your entire station. Sounds good, right? The only problem is that these characters are pretty hard to get, with the only two ways is buying character packs and waiting for daily login rewards.

When hiring, you can choose the headhunting option to go to the character pack options. There are three character packs to choose from:

  • Rising Stars (200 gems): 30 rising stars and 4 celebrities
  • Celebrities (500 gems): 100 rising stars and 20 celebrities
  • Stars (1,200 gems): 96 celebrities and 50 stars

There are 6 rising stars, 4 celebrities, 3 stars, and 4 superstars in the entire game. Superstars are extremely rare and we’re not entirely sure how to obtain them just yet, but the other characters can be obtained from the character packs.

We recommend hanging onto your gems until you can at least afford the Celebrities pack. Try shooting for the Stars pack if you can be patient, as you have a chance to get the rare Stars characters.

That concludes our guide on TV Empire Tycoon. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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