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Tuscany Villa Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass More Stages and Decorate Your Villa

Tuscany Villa Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass More Stages and Decorate Your Villa

In today’s article we are going to check out all of the Tuscany Villa tips and cheats and help you with everything that you might need to know in order to learn how to pass more stages and restore the hotel!

Similar to other match three type of games, Tuscany Villa is an exciting game which revolves around you re-building your grandparents’ hotel by completing various puzzles and collecting stars. The levels are getting progressively more difficult, and if you are looking to quickly get through them, I am here to help you out!

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the Tuscany Villa tips and tricks to help you rebuild the villa and get through all of the game’s stages quickly!

tuscany villa 3

Learn what the special tiles do and when to best use them

When you match more than 3 tiles of the same color you will create a special tile which will give you a small boost, depending on how many tiles you match (4+). These will help you reach that level’s goal much faster, so try to go for them whenever you can.

This is how you can create all of the special tiles:

Rockets are created whenever you match 4 tiles. Tap on the Rocket to launch it, or drag it towards the direction you want it to go – it will clear the entire row or column.

Bombs are created whenever you match 5-6 tiles in a T or L shape. Detonate the bombs to destroy all tiles surrounding it in a 3×3 radius.

tuscany villa 2

Butterflies are created whenever you match 4 tiles in a box shape. They will destroy all surrounding tiles in a + shape and take off towards removing a tile needed towards completing the game goal.

Rainbows are created when you match 5 tiles in a line. They can be matched with any tile color within the game and they will remove all tiles of that color from the board.

In my opinion you should try to make as many special matches as you can because they will help you a lot.

Go the extra mile and match 2 special tiles together

This is possibly one of my favorite things to do in order to conserve moves and finish the stage in just a couple of moves. I suggest that you try to match at all times 2 special tiles, because they will create a super special boost which will give you the combined effects of both tiles and amplify it!

For instance one of the best is when you create a rainbow and a bomb, and match them together – that will place many bombs on the board which will explode and create a lot of explosions which will help you clear the stage super fast.

tuscany villa 4

Conserve as many moves as you can

In the top left side of the screen you will see your available moves for that stage. You should make sure that you try and complete the stage within the given moves, and try to not make any unnecessary moves.

All the extra moves you have stored up will add towards the extra points you get at the end of the level, and they will in turn change into Gold. Gold can be used for buying boosters, so try to save up as much as you can.

Use the boosters for extra help completing the stages

If you are dealing with a stage that is especially difficult, then I suggest that you try to pass it without using any boosters for starters, then if there is no way around it, use them! You will have various boosters to help you clear the tiles, but I really advise you to keep them for much later stages as they will cost quite a bit to obtain.

You will obtain some boosters for free by completing the chapters and by claiming the gift from that. In my opinion you should play a level 2-3 times before you decide the best approach is to use a booster to clear it – that way you will save some lives and boosters in case the stage can be cleared without using them!

tuscany villa 5

Change the decor however (and whenever) you feel like it

When you choose one of the decoration varieties you can pick between three options – now one thing that you need to keep in mind is that they are not set in stone! You can change them whenever you like, no matter if you got bored with one or you simply made a wrong decision.

To change the decorations just tap and hold until the meter fills up, then you will be able to pick again between the options shown. So let your imagination run wild and create the hotel of your dreams by putting up all the decorations you want!

tuscany villa 1

Extra tip: Don’t be afraid to mix and match the decor pieces. You will have quite a lot of options to choose from, and not just that, but they don’t have to match! Since you can try changing them all the time, go experiment and be bold!

Take a different approach to playing the stages

What I mean with this is the way that you can choose how to complete the chapters and missions, along with stages. I personally prefer to complete several game levels and save around 10-20 stars (sometimes more, depends on how advanced the levels are), before I go ahead and complete the missions one by one, because that way I get to enjoy the decorations more and match them better.

It also feels like it’s easier to go about the game by doing this, since your focus is always on matching the tiles as best as you can. Of course, you can also complete just enough levels to get stars and complete the current tasks, and then go complete stages again. It’s all a matter of how you like to play the game better!

tuscany villa 7

These would be all of our Tuscany Villa tips and tricks that we have for you right now. Do you know some more useful game tips and tricks to help us pass more stages? Feel free to share them with the other players by leaving them down in the comments section below!

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Tuscany Villa Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass More Stages and Decorate Your Villa


  1. It just seems like the games are hard at level 113 why they have to be so hard. I will not be able to go on with it being this hard. And when you do hard ones where the stuff is doubled why isn’t the stars doubled too

  2. The problem with these kind of games is that at the beginning they are fun and you really enjoy it…until you get to the 100th levels and everything needs 2 stars while every level is super hard. Why do they need to make the games hard? It’s about enjoying it like at the beginning, not raging and being constantly worried about the lives and whether you can get the level or not. I like the story, I like the characters, the game is beautiful, Oliver is hot, but I can’t see him because he went jogging and we’ve been preparing the breakfast for him for days because I can’t get through those levels. And I also want to see other characters, I want to know what happens with the villa, (and with Oliver) but I guess I won’t find out because it takes days until I can get things done.

  3. I’m on level 629 and have to agree with everyone above, the game starts out fun, but now it takes DAYS to pass a level…..DAYS! It’s getting to the point of not being fun anymore, just frustrating. These game makers really need to remember we play these games for fun and relaxation not to be annoyed and frustrated. Kinda defeats the purpose of playing…..

  4. Have bee playing level 247 for two weeks now and on the point of deleting this app. Now I really enjoy playing this game, it is normally relaxing but now it is getting frustrating as the levels are getting ridiculously hard. If you want to have people enjoy your app, please listen to them.

  5. I agree with everything yall just said! levels that say hard should give more stars! I found a cheat but I am unsure about it. Dont want to mess up my phone. I love playing the game but would really like just to decorate and do the story part.

  6. I had the game freeze after completing level 806…. it took days to get a response from customer service. It was to restart game….. I did, but lost level 806 which had cost me over 2700 coins and many boosters to complete. They finally gave me 2700 coins, but when I asked “what about the boosters” they offered me 2 hours of unlimited lives….what a joke…..how can you compare expensive boosters to 2 hours of lives. About to delete the game!

  7. I’m on level 1261 and been saying for 2 weeks now the game will update soon. Can you tell me when this will be? Getting tired of unpacking the luggage would like to proceed.


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