Turretz Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Protect your planet in an all out space war in Turretz! Turretz is a top-down shooter game where your planet rotates on its own, meaning you’ll need to be constantly moving to line up your turretz to shoot down the bad guys! Our Turretz cheats and tips will show you how to get the most out of your upgrades and some techniques on making it through the swarms of enemy ships!

Turretz is a simple game on the surface, but it is deceptively challenging! Here’s our Turretz cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Buy more turretz as soon as you can!

Turretz is going to overwhelm you early on. When you start up your first run through, you’re going to find out quickly that you’re going to need a LOT more firepower! Your single turret isn’t going to cut it, but thankfully you get coins pretty fast in this game. Early on, don’t worry about upgrading your existing turretz – focus on buying as many new turretz as you can.

You have a grand total of eight slots on your planet for turretz, so it’s important to fill them all up as soon as you can. More firepower means more coverage! Covering as much of the screen with bullets is the key to victory.

Don’t box yourself in!

This game’s main method of attacking you is to just absolutely swarm you with little enemies. The best way to deal with this is to take them out as fast as you can. Destroying them slowly will eventually make them start clumping up all over the screen, and if this happens it’s imperative that you don’t box yourself in. Don’t maneuver yourself into a corner – keep an eye out for holes through the swarm.

Keep upgrading your planet and moon!

As you begin to rack up the coins, you’ll begin to upgrade your turretz which increases their damage. Don’t forget to upgrade your planet and moon too! Upgrading your planet increases its maximum health, which allows you more mistakes. No matter how armed your planet it is, one or two ships are going to get through at some point so it’s best to be prepared!

Don’t forget about your moon either. The moon continuously orbits around your planet, destroying anything it comes in contact with. Moon can really save your butt if you get caught surrounded by a ton of ships – just be sure to move with its orbit.

Useful starting weapons!

  • The Basic Turret is, as the name implies, the starting and most basic firing turret. It shoots a single shot outward. While it sounds boring, it’s probably the most practical and efficient of the beginning turrets. Its fire rate is good, and its damage increases a lot from upgrades (which are pretty cheap to begin with). It’s a no nonsense weapon that should last you a while.
  • The Laser is a constant short range beam of energy. The Laser deals damage constantly as long as its colliding with an enemy ship, which means its a great boss killer. The Laser is also a very reliable way to mow down clumps of ships – just move with its rotation and everything will melt! Be sure to upgrade it so it can cut through the tougher ships later on.
  • The Splash Turret shoots out a little bomb that explodes upon contact, dealing additional splash damage to any nearby ships. Pretty much any turret that can deal with multiple ships at once are always great, and the Splash Turret is no exception. A lucky shot of this can take out multiple ships at once.

Watch ads for bonus coins!

After every run you can double – and eventually triple – the coins you got by watching a short advertisement. If you’ve got the time and patience, we highly recommend doing so because you can get a ton of coins very easily early on. If you continue to watch the ads after every run, the multiplier will eventually go up to x3, making it rain coins! After you the buy the Laser turret, the next set of turrets dramatically go up in price (from 10,000 coins to 150,000) so you’ll need as much as you can get.

That’s all for Turretz! If you’ve got any space shootin’ tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Turretz Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. So far I have,
    Multi turret
    Rapid laser
    Freezer – can’t live without
    Ghost wave
    Pod laser
    Flame thrower.

    I put flame thrower and laser on opposite ends and also, rapid laser (or ghostwave) and multi on opposite ends. Try setting your weapons in different locations, I find it’s best to have fast shooting turrets on opposite ends rather next to ea other but I’m still trying new combos. Haven’t reached lvl 20 yet but did get to 18. Good luck. Oode’.

  2. Game play. Keep yourself within the freezer area, as a new one is made, move to that freezer area..etc. the freezer slows everything down so you can kill them off, you can move yourself around the board by being at the beginning of the freezer area or toward the end if it, up grade it to speed up its cool down rate.

  3. The Turretz does damage equal to
    “(Wave * 5) + 5” e.g: wave 11= 55+5
    (Final wave 20 boss has 40k HP)

    ~~ To clear wave 20 ~~
    • ① Planet – lvl73 • ② Moon – lvl61 • ③ Y Turret – lvl84 • ④ Multi Turret – lvl78 • ⑤ Rapid Laser – lvl66 • ⑥ Laser – lvl56 • ⑦ Drill – lvl24 • ⑧ Explosion – lvl20 • ⑨ Ghostwave – lvl10 • ⑩ Energy Laser – lvl11 •

    • Edit: Changed Drill for The Destroyer.

      Footnote: This setup was not created by me, and I’m currently trying to perfect it. I’ve added 5-10 levels to most weapons

  4. I use energy laser, ghost wave, EMP ( really good at helping you escape ),normal turet (lv. 47) multi turet, Venus (just go with it ), pod laser ( worth the 9,000,000 ) and finally, the destroyer. Make shore your EMP is at least lv. 5. Can sub multi for rap laser, but my favorite is multi
    Planet: lv 76
    Moon : lv 54


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