In a dark dungeon tucked away at the farthest reaches of the land lies a hero trapped in darkness. Suddenly the hero is filled with a burning desire to escape the dungeon, just when all hope seemed lost…

Darkest Rogue is a turn-based roguelike where players take on the role of the trapped hero. The hero can be one of the three classes: knight, hunter, or wizard, and their class will determine their strengths and abilities.

Darkest Rogue uses simple controls and plays almost like a game of billiards. When it is your turn, you move by dragging back on your hero to give them power, then you let them go to launch them forward.

If your hero is using melee skills, you can launch yourself into enemies to bring on the pain. If your hero prefers ranged attacks, you use the same pulling mechanic to aim your shot and let go to fire.

Positioning is key here; some ranged attacks can bounce and ricochet off walls and corners, so a well-placed shot can take out multiple enemies. Study the environments and make your move carefully!

Darkest Rogue is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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