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Tsuki Adventure Guide: Tips to Enjoy the Country Life & Get More Carrots

Tsuki Adventure Guide: Tips to Enjoy the Country Life & Get More Carrots

In today’s article we are going to dive into the Tsuki Adventure tips and cheats to help you get more Carrots and generally know everything that you need in order to enjoy the game more!

Because this is such a beautiful game, you should take your time and learn everything there is to know, as well as read through the story, as it is super well made.

Now not only are we going to tell you all that you nee in order to get more Carrots (f2p ways) but also how to do many of the tasks required in the game.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the Tsuki Adventure tips and tricks and help you get to learning everything that you need to know about the game!

Get the fishing rod ASAP

The very first thing you should buy right after the tutorial is over (and you will be left at Yari’s Shop) is the fishing rod. This will help you catch fish, and it is one of the best investments that you can make early on, with the first Carrots you have.

Don’t spend the carrots on anything else, because the fishing rod is the best buy you can currently make. However, if you spent them already, go to the Carrot farm and harvest them again.

Now that you got a fishing rod, use it right away and you will be able to fish! In order to fish, you will have to have the fishing rod equipped and tap on the “i” sign that appears when a fish bit on the bait!

That’s it! Once you caught some fish, you can sell them at the shop to get Carrots in exchange.

tsuki adventure 3

Make more friends

Whenever you see a new character in the game, interact with them and try to befriend them!

To befriend them, you will just have to interact with them (talk to them) every time that you see them – that could be daily, or even multiple times day.

I suggest that you try to make everyone your friend, because eventually once you’ve reached a certain level of friendship with them, they will start giving you carrots as gifts! That is going to help you collect more, but at first it’s going to be a little bit of a grind.

Unlock more diary entries

Now this game requires quite a lot of time invested in it, and because of that you will have to log in at different times, on different days. That way you will discover your character doing various actions, such as flying a kite, stargazing and many more.

Whenever you complete a new type of action you will get a new diary entry. That can also happen when you have bought an item and you find Tsuki using it after a while. That is the main reason why it is important to buy all of the items that you can get your hands on!

Always accept the offers for free Carrots

In the game you will sometimes run into some people offering you to watch an advertisement in exchange for receiving free Carrots.

Whenever this happens, make sure that you accept it because it is going to be super useful!

Not only you will get some free Carrots, but it’s only going to take about 30 seconds at most.

So if you are not against watching ads, it’s definitely one of the best free ways to get more free Carrots in Tsuki Adventure.

Buy more items for Carrots

When you check the shop (where you got your fishing rod from), you will see various other items.

I suggest that you slowly save up Carrots for them and buy them one by one, because they are all going to be used to unlock more Diary entries.

Sometimes the items will not be used by Tsuki right away, but if for example you log off and log back after a few hours, you might find Tsuki interacting with one of the items that you previously bought (and thus unlocking the diary entry)!

tsuki adventure 2

Sell the duck eggs

If you happened to discover a pond, try to scout it because sometimes you will find a duck there. Usually this can happen after you discovered Tsuki flying the kite.

Then, you can check on the right side of Tsuki and you will see the pond where the duck might appear. All that you have to do is interact with the duck (tap on it multiple times).

Once you did that, you will obtain eggs which can be another great (and free) source of Carrots. Don’t forget to check back time and time again, because the duck might not always be there.

Another thing you could do with the eggs is to give it to the Panda in ramen store when he asks for it. That is, if you haven’t sold it just yet!

Share the Diary entry for free Carrots

Another way to obtain more Carrots will be possible when you unlock a Diary entry. Sometimes you will see on the bottom right side of the screen a “Share” button which has a carrot icon on it.

Tap on this, and even if you don’t go through with the sharing of the entry, you will still be rewarded with free Carrots.

I suggest that you do this every time that is becomes available because it is definitely worth it and it just takes a couple of seconds (as you don’t have to actually share it just tap on the button)!

Log in every day for free rewards (and Carrots)

Every single day you will receive some free rewards for simply opening the game! This is definitely worth it even if you don’t actually plan to play the game that particular day – just log in and claim the rewards because they get better and better every day (and on the seventh day they are especially good).

So if you would have just a couple of minutes – not even, then log in to the game to claim these rewards and you can use them when you do decide to play!

tsuki adventure 1

Harvest even more Carrots

Since the safest (and most certain) way to get more Carrots is to harvest them, you can go an extra mile and use fertilizer to harvest even more!

That can be done by tapping on the tree next to Tsuki’s house whenever it is ready.

Now the way to get more Carrots is to get from Wagyu the fertilizer. Wagyu will sometimes appear outside of the treehouse, so when you see him just make sure that you interact with him. Then he will ask you to watch an advertisement and that’s it – you got your fertilizer!

Once you use the fertilizer on your plants a star will appear which means that you can harvest more Carrots from that plant! This can go up to 5 stars, which means that every 2 hours you can get a maximum of 150 Carrots instead of 50!

These would be all of our Tsuki Adventure tips and tricks that we have for you that should help you get more Carrots and discover more wonderful things about the game!

Do you have some more extra tips that you would like to share with the rest of us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!

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Tsuki Adventure Guide: Tips to Enjoy the Country Life & Get More Carrots



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