What do you do when the Earth is about to pop? You truck around, that’s what! Trucksform is a new racing game with a twist – you’re in control of a truck that can transform between different modes! Drill, shoot, and fly your way through the scorched Earth with the help of our Trucksform cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch the road signs!

To warn you of the terrain ahead, there will be road signs that are colored. Each color pertains to a mode of your truck. If the signs are red, you need to use gun truck soon. Orange is for drill truck, blue is for helicopter truck, and green is for regular truck. Pay attention so that you’re ready for whatever obstacle comes up. If that’s not enough, the transformation buttons will light up whenever you should switch to it.

2. Upgrade your truck!

You can upgrade each different mode of your truck. It basically makes them perform faster; upgrading the gun makes it shoot faster, the drill breaks through obstacles faster, and so forth. Spend your coins here as there is nothing else to buy!

3. Stay in regular mode as often as possible!

As fun as it is to blow up rocks or drill through walls, keep in mind that you are timed on every level so you need to keep up the pace. When you’re not actively taking down an obstacle, switch back to regular mode. Regular mode goes the fastest out of all the modes so you’re going to want to stay in it as often as possible.

4. Steer to level yourself!

Every level has big jumps and hills, and more often than not you’re going to find yourself soaring through the air. Sometimes this will lead into a helicopter moment, but if you want to preserve your speed and continue as a regular truck, then use the steering commands to level yourself out. Be sure to do it before you hit the ground for maximum recovery.

5. Grab all those coins!

Coins are what you need to upgrade your truck, and you’ll find them scattered throughout the levels. Be sure to grab them all, and if you’re having trouble with the high ones use your helicopter mode for an easier time.

That’s all for Trucksform! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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