Home News Truck Simulation 19 Lets You Explore the Entire US on Mobile

Truck Simulation 19 Lets You Explore the Entire US on Mobile

Truck Simulation 19 Lets You Explore the Entire US on Mobile

What is it about open world driving games that makes them so naughty? From Burnout Paradise (speeding) to GTA V (speeding, theft, homicide, profanity, torture, soliciting, etc), it seems you can’t get behind the wheel of a virtual car without committing a serious felony.

That’s what makes Truck Simulation 19 so refreshing. This good-natured truck driving sim from Jujubee and astragon involves peacefully travelling from place to place throughout the United States of America, delivering goods and running chores. If you break the law, you get a fine.

Truck Simulation 19 features three models from the iconic Kenworth brand. There’s the slick and aerodynamic T680, the powerful T880, and the classic W900 – truly the Rolls Royce of the long distance haulage world.

In addition, there are three trucks from the equally notable MACK range, including the Anthem, the Pinnacle Axle Back, and the Titan.

All of these road behemoths are customisable, so that you can achieve the perfect practical set-up and visual appearance as you barrel down the highway under the endless American sky.

The driver cabs of Kenworth trucks can be customised depending on the distance that needs to be covered too. You can tweak several parts of the MAC trucks including the colour of each model, the bumpers, the wheels, wheel sizes, the rims, and exterior mirrors.

There are over 200 different types of freight to transport, from food to chemical waste and building materials. That means there are 12 different trailers to pick from, each one suited to a particular kind of cargo.

As well as picking the right trailer and driving sensibly you’ll need to make sure you visit the occasional gas station to refuel your truck, and the occasional hotel to refuel yourself.

Of course, it’s not all about driving. To succeed in Truck Simulation 19 you’ll also need to master the intricacies of the haulage business. You’ll hire new drivers, buy new vehicles for your fleet, and construct new depots to help you expand throughout the US.

At present the entire eastern seaboard is included in the game, along with the midwest and the southern states – a substantial percentage of the earth’s solid surface. The remaining states of the US will be added in future updates, so you’ll eventually be able to drive from Miami to Seattle, or San Diego to Maine.

Truck Simulation 19 is all about the adventure of the open road, and its iconic setting features the most famous open roads in the world. You can download it now for €3.99/$2.99/£2.99 from the App Store. The Android version is free to download initially, with the full version then being available to unlock for the same price.

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Truck Simulation 19 Lets You Explore the Entire US on Mobile


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