Trivia Crack Kingdoms has been recently launched on the App Store and the new game is basically an upgrade with more features of the highly popular Trivia Crack. If you’ve played the first one, you will have no trouble getting through the second – and even if you didn’t, you will still find it extremely easy to play. But we’re here to share with you some Trivia Crack Kingdoms cheats and tips that will help you keep on winning, defeat all opponents and be the king of the game. It won’t be extremely easy, but it’s doable!

Basically, most of the tips and tricks that we’ve already shared with you regarding the original Trivia Crack here still work, but just in case you missed them and you want to know a thing or two about the new features of the game, check out our Trivia Crack Kingdoms tips and cheats to keep on winning below!

1. The Ultimate cheat
If you want to be the boss of Trivia Crack Kingdoms, you need to get a bit creative. The easiest way to cheat at the game or at least most of the questions is to play the game on your device, while also being in front of a desktop computer or laptop, with Google ready to provide you some quick answers. And you have to be smart about it! And fast.

What you do is this: as soon as you see the question in your game, you type the main keywords in Google in hit the search button. You don’t have to write the entire question: learn to select the important part!

For example, if you get a question like: What does Valar Dohaeris mean in Game of Thrones? you don’t have to write the entire question. Just Google “Valar Dohaeris” and the first result will show you the answer: most of the times, you don’t even have to click a search result, as the answer will be in the short description on Google. So learn to do things like this and you’ll get your answers within the time limit: quick, fast and you’ll win like a pro. Guaranteed.

Of course, this method does not always work as some questions are longer and more difficult to sum up or you will even get visual questions, but in most cases, this is the only way you can make sure that you’ll keep on winning!

2. Multichannel vs Single Channel
One of the biggest changes brought in my Trivia Crack Kingdoms is the ability to select between Multi and Single Channels for you gameplay: if you go with the first, you will receive mixed questions from all your favorite channel, but if you select the second, you will only receive questions from that channel. It makes a lot of sense to go completely single channel if you truly consider yourself an expert in a given topic, but also have in mind that your opponents think the same. So easiest to win – Single Channel (if indeed you are an expert) and most fun to play is Multi Channel because of its variety.

3. Add Facebook friends
The more friends you have on Facebook playing the game, the better because you not only have the option to play against them, but they can also send you lives in the game, which in turn allow you to start more games, have more fun AND get more coins to use on power-ups. It’s a win-win situation for sure!

4. Challenges matter
The newly introduced challenges have a big effect on gameplay, but the goal is the same as in the previous iteration: you need 5 crowns to defeat your enemy. You will randomly choose the Crowns by tapping boxes, and each one has different effects: Double requires you to answer 2 correct questions in a row to get a crown, Pirate requires you to answer three questions in a row but offers better rewards and so on. Challenges are luck-based, but you should know what you’re dealing with once you get one.

5. Use your coins wisely
There are two insanely useful power-ups that you can use during your game to greatly improve your chances of winning: the extra time power-up that only costs 1 coins, but gives you a few seconds. This can prove extremely useful if you use the Google cheat that we’ve mentioned above.

However, the Bomb is also a good power-up that costs 5 coins. This one removes 2 wrong answers, meaning that you will have a 50% chance to hit the right one if you have no idea what it is. But if you can eliminate one or two of the answers based on knowledge or common sense, this one can actually increase your chances to 100% (if it eliminates two answers you are unsure of) and leaves you with two, out of which one you’re certain is not the right one. So use the coins wisely and you can really get a winning streak going!

These would be for now our Trivia Crack Kingdoms cheats and tips: let us know if you have any extra to add by commenting below!



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