Red and his squadmates need your help to retake their home planet! Trigger Heroes is a fast-paced top-down shooter where you will blast enemies to smithereens using a variety of weapons, all the while dodging hails of bullets! Our Trigger Heroes cheats and tips will be just the thing you need to survive down there and wipe out the Shogun Inc threat!

Trigger Heroes relies a lot on your reflexes, but good planning goes a long way as well. Let’s get started with our Trigger Heroes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Blow up boxes for purple coins!

Enemies will sometimes drop purple coins when they’re defeated, but it’s usually not very much. Sometimes you will see random crates and boxes lying around the level, and you should destroy them on sight as they will usually drop a few purple coins for your troubles. The amount of coins inside varies, but usually you will get somewhere between eight and ten coins.

Pick a favorite weapon!

All of the weapons have their own unique strengths, and you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

  • Revolvers have a slow rate of fire and shoot a single powerful bullet. Great for any situation!
  • Rifles shoot a three-round burst of weak bullets. Perfect for medium-range engagements!
  • Shotguns shoot a burst of pellets in a wide cone. Deadly up close!
  • Lasers shoot an energy beam that deals moderate damage. Great for long-range sniping!

Each weapon has an ability to go with it that enhances the weapon’s capabilities. For example, the Blunderbuss skill makes it so that shotguns fire more pellets. If you have a weapon ability, then try to stick with that weapon class for the rest of your run.

Hang onto some purple coins for emergencies!

Before you go and buy that snazzy new upgrade with the rest of your purple coins at the end of a level, just remember that it’s perfectly OK to hang onto your coins and skip the upgrades. In fact, you might want to do that a lot! Keep some pocket change around in the event of an emergency – you can use purple coins to heal up at shops. It’s not expensive, but you will need a few coins.

Get the right abilities!

The max health increasing abilities are always helpful, no matter the situation. The Vampire ability grants you a chance of recovering health whenever you defeat an enemy, but it also lowers your maximum health, which can actually be negated by max health abilities.

Marksman is almost an extremely good ability, as it grants you the ability to deal critical hits, doubling the amount of the damage the shot would have normally made. Piercing Shots allows your shots to ignore armor, making the beefier enemies easier to handle.

All of the abilities stack, so don’t worry if you get one that’s not too useful, as you can simply buy more at the next chance you get.

Master the dodge roll!

The dodge roll renders you completely invincible during its animation. That means you can roll through bullets or roll right into them and you will be perfectly safe. Just remember that you are vulnerable for a split second after the dodge roll ends, so keep in mind where you’re going to be when you come out of your roll, and watch out for any other bullets!

Stick with Red!

While Red’s HP never gets quite as high as Loco or Tapi even when fully upgraded, his passive Ironclad ability makes up for that. And since it’s much cheaper to upgrade him, it’s OK to stick with Red for a majority of the game. He’ll take you far until you can save enough coins for the heavy hitters!

That’s all for Trigger Heroes! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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