I found it funny when I saw a game titled “Tricky Test 2” on the App Store when it seemed there’s no Tricky Test 1 anywhere. But that matters the least because we’re talking about a great puzzle game that forces you to think outside of the box and whose solutions are not always easy to spot. Therefore, I’ve decided to share with you a complete Tricky Test 2 walkthrough, a complete solution for all the levels so in case you got stuck at a point – and most likely you did – you can carry on playing this amazing game.

So without further ado, let’s check out the Tricky Test 2: Think Outside walkthrough below for the first 30 levels! Or check the Part 2 here for the second half of questions and answers.

Level 0: “Put everything in the box”
Solution: Drag the word “Everything” into the box.

Level 1: “Tap the green button 2 times”
Tap the button slowly as it moves positions.

Level 2: Drag me into the square box
Drag the word “me” in the center of the box

Level 3: Tap in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 5, 4
Just do as the instruction says.

Level 4: How many holes are there in an underwear?

Level 5: Which is furthest away from us?
Cloud (it’s the furthest away from the question/word “us”)

Level 6: Let’s see what you got here!
Scratch the ticket to win 20c

Level 7: How many holes are there?

Level 8: Which city has 3/7 of a chicken, 2/3 of a cat and half of a goat?

Level 9: Close the window
Tap the “X” on the top right of the window

Level 10: Stop them from fighting
Put a finger on the cat, one finger on the dog and swipe to the sides.

11: Tap in the following order: 20, 14, 9, 43, 45, 10
The numbers that say the order disappear after you tap the first one, so write them down or memorize the correct order.

12: Tap Elephant
Tap the word “elephant”

13: Tap the yellow button 13 times
Tap it and count in your mind, ignoring the counter

14: Which bear has no ear?

15: Do this
Rotate your device to the right (or the direction shown by the arrow)

16: I’m 2 years old!
Drag the match to the middle candle, then tilt your device either left or right to light a second candle from the first one.

17: Look out for the owl on your right
Tap your device to the left and tap the owl that appears.

18: Put this elephant into the fridge
Drag the word “elephant” over the fridge.

19: Can I have some Ketchups?
Turn your device upside down and shake it well until the ketchup falls from the bottle.

20: You are getting engaged. Your fiance has hidden the engagement ring. If only one statement is true, where’s the ring?
Tap the middle box

21: A pencil and eraser cost $1.10 together. The pencil costs $1.00 more than the eraser. How much does the eraser cost?

22: Peter was with 6 friends before he’s murdered. He left a message “qazsedc” on the PC screen. Who’s most likely the suspect?

23: Turn off the lamp again
Tap the bulb until you unscrew it.

24: Which statement here is true?
Three statements here are false

25: If you overtake the 3rd person in a race, which position will you be in?
Tap the word “3rd” in the question

26: How many owls are there?
Drag the owls on the screen to reveal more. There will be a total of 9, so that’s the correct answer

27: Quick, shake me!
Shake your device (you don’t have to be quick, though)

28: Hide the elephants:
Swipe the word “Elephant” and the picture of the elephant to the right side of the screen and they will disappear automatically.

29: URGENT! Click the green button 3 times, then the yellow button 5 times.
Do as said, but have in mind that after you tap the yellow button 4 times, it turns white. Wait until it’s yellow again, and tap it for the 5th time.

30: Stop Moai’s tears.
Turn your device upside down until there are no more tears.

And this is it! This was the second part of the walkthrough, but we have the rest of the puzzles here, so make sure you check them out if you need more help!

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