Tribez & Castlez Cheats: Tips & Guide (Tribes & Castles Cheats)


The Tribez & Castlez is a new kingdom building game from Game Insight (and you might know it as Tribes & Castles). There is a multitude of quests to be completed and a lot of stuff to do in the game, so I have decided to create this Tribez & Castlez cheats article to help you with all the tips and tricks and basically create a full guide for the game, to keep you going and building your perfect kingdom.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Tribes & Castles cheats and tips (aka Tribez & Castlez guide!)

1. Connect on social networks
I know you might not want to do this, but you will receive huge amounts of Gems (the premium currency) when you do so (200 gems for Facebook and the same amount for Twitter). That’s a $4 value, so it’s a deal you should really take!

2. Follow the quests
Progress will be made naturally if you follow the quests – their requirements are made in such a way that you will progress naturally and exactly how you should do it. Pretty soon, you will get stuck with waiting times of over 20 minutes, so now would be a good time to use those free gems that you received to speed things up and gain a head start.

3. Upgrade the buildings
As soon as you have an upgrade available, make sure that you use it because upgraded buildings give you better rewards. The same goes for when you unlock new stuff in the store – except for decorations, they’re all really useful, especially the farm fields. So make sure you always have the maximum amount of items allowed and you keep them at maximum levels.

4. How to check out the resources you have in your kingdom
It took me a while to find out how much food and wood and stuff there is in my kingdom. In order to access that information, you should tap the green arrow in the lower right section of the screen. You will get a ton of options for The Tribez & Castlez, as you can see below:

tribez castlez cheats 1

5. Add Friends
This is a social game and having friends is extremely helpful as you can get free gifts and also visit them for extra goodies, like food and coins. If you don’t have any Facebook friends playing the game, you can use the game’s matching system and invite random people to become your friends/allies. This is a good thing, you only have 10 invites per day, but generally most of them will accept your request and you’re all set!

6. Always have food
The most important resource, especially early on, is food. Make sure you always have your people working on the land to produce food and maximize gains as much as possible. I got stuck a few times at first because I had no food left and seeing those workers stand and do nothing is not easy.

7. How to get the special items
Sometimes, you will have quests that require you to get a special item (like the Bank Statement for example) and they won’t tell you how exactly to find it. Any item in the game will be unlocked either from playing the game and collecting from the buildings (each can produce a specific type) or by progressing through the game. If you haven’t found the item that’s required yet, don’t lose hope – keep playing and it will come naturally. Alternately, for collection items, you can get them by asking them from your friends. Go to the collections menu and add up to 5 items to your wish list, then share it on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe somebody will help you.

8. How to get free gems in Tribes & Castles
The easiest way is to use the game’s early offers: connect your account with Facebook and Twitter and you’ll get 400 gems in one go. There’s also an early offer that lasts for just 24 hours, the Bank Statement, that gives you free gems for each purchase. Finally, logging in daily, completing quests and other similar things will give you free gems in the game.

9. How to level up faster in Tribez & Castlez
The easiest way to level up is to always do something and be in the game for as long as possible to collect everything as often as possible. Complete quests, trade in collections and remove all the debris – basically, anything that you do in the game will bag you experience points and will help you level up faster.

10. Be patient
Tribes & Castles is a social game and one that progresses really slow. This is how these games are built and there’s no reason to try and hurry things too much. Just sit back and enjoy the ride while you bring your kingdom to incredible heights.

And this is it! These are our Tribez & Castlez tips and tricks. If you have other strategies to share (or maybe questions to ask), let us know by commenting below.

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Tribez & Castlez Cheats: Tips & Guide (Tribes & Castles Cheats)


  1. i love this game but i’m stuck.

    how do i get my defence level to level 15 so i can build my taven and in general?? how do i get the the other wood–not the logs the other flat lookinf one. i see i get them sometimes but the page so busy when im retrieving that cant remember where i tapped etc? the Map quests now…im doing the archery right now and when i go on the “map page” it looks like i can go to other places based on my level but when i click on those it says “searching for archives” yet i see the amount that is required for that particular quest.

    • I’m stuck on the same thing, I did learn that you can go to your “clock” setting and advance that, you can Move in the game faster. It’s just like the TRIBEZ, but I still love the game

          • I can’t seem to add friends either!! I have tons of fb friends and when I hit add friends in the game, it says I have no friends!! It’s so frustrating!! What do we do? Can anyone help or do I uninstall it?

          • it seems that you have to be using the same os platform as your friends. Example would be if we both use windows pcs then we can friend up. if you use p.c. and I’m on android or a phone then we cant friend up. my understanding is that this is a Facebook rule not a game rule.

    • You probably have this by now, but, you raise your defense level by purchasing defence items in the store. The “flat” wood is produced by the wood shop which you will need to build when available. Hope this helps.

    • I just started playing the game and am only on level 12 however; I have found that you usually have to level something up or complete a quest or adventure before you can progress. Try leveling up your castle, completing adventures and upgrading all of the defenses that you already have. Don’t forget to continually increase your influence.

      Happy Playing

  2. Like the game so far but need friends. Can someone post a list of friends to add. I have been using the random list in game, but haven’t had any takers. Please add me ( 1nw1fw )

  3. I’m level 9 and have 150 wish scrolls. I can’t upgrade my huts to level 4 because I can’t collect anymore scrolls. Idk what to use the scrolls on and can’t upgrade the warehouse till level 11. Please help me so I can continue the damn game thanks.

  4. Help! I can’t seem to login from my twitter account, I click on the twitter logo, the sub text comes up, I click ok and nothing!! I’m still in the game!!

    Also add me please g417u2 :)

  5. Hey Everyone I got a new tablet and for whatever reason my game started over from the beginning. The items I had purchased were gone. AND I have a new ID #.

    I have added everyone that listed there ID”s here and would appreciate it if those of you that added me before would do so again and anyone new please add me also!!!

    If I didn’t love this game I would simply not play it any longer.

    My new ID # is j74xbd

  6. Could someone PLZ help?? Im on level 13 and really need to upgrade my town hall from 2 to 3 but I get a message saying u must upgrade to level 4???? I thought that meant the hovels but got them to lvl 4 but no dice…completely stuck so any help is greatly appreciated!!! :-)

  7. Hi. Could somebody help me with the question of how i might gain enough money to buy a new parcell? I don’t have 700 crystals (requested amount)… how did u do it? (I don’t want to involve real money) thxxx…
    Ps add me: f16de8 ;-D

    • You have to play for several hours in a row, keeping the workers working in the bakery, baths, tavern and places that cost you scrolls to get the work done. Work the short times over and over to get the most gold back. Also sell the scrolls whenever the game let’s you. If you do this and no building or battling til you get the gold you need to purchase the expansion, you will get it faster than you think. It’s hoe I have gotten where I am. Good luck.
      Pl add me j74xbd

  8. It’s not the m9ney. I’ve figured out how to gain gold from the first second of… but i’m still stuck with my 450 crystals and i still need my 700… and nothing moves. I play relatively often but i m getting annoyed cause all i can do is produce food wood scrolls and bakery… (well i can search for marks…) but there s nothing else i can do. I can’t upgrade my building caus3 it needs more defense level but i can t build any of those either…
    Someone got a real good hunch for me? Otherwhise i guess i ll have to stop this game… seems like fun but like this it absolutely ain t!!! Please help…

    • You don’t have to spend 700 crystals for the area. You can buy it with the gold. Click the button under the amount of gold if you have enough. You don’t have to have both. Although you do need you’re rep ( crowns ) with either the gold or crystals.

  9. Im on level 48 i have no more quests and i have opened all territories. Seems there is anther island on other side of the water but is covered with fog and there is no bridge to get there. Im stuck can someone tell me what to do?

    • I am on level 43 and I have just completed the quest to allow me to build the bridge to the cloudy island. Sorry I can’t remember what quest it was that triggered this off, but I did just upgrade the game (late August 2014 or maybe early sept).

  10. Hey. How do u gain crystals??? –> 700 for the FIRST territory to add????? I m quite lost! I can t do anything… no more upgrades… no more buildings! What can i do to earn those 700 crystals?????????

  11. customer service just told me in an email that the items you need to advance in this game will drop…that there is a certain amount of luck involved.
    i am wondering how much luck you need for the spools to drop from the stone cutter’s workshop to upgrade your warehouses.

    • If the wait to have spools drop is anything like it is to get the rulers drop so you can upgrade warehouses to level 8; you are guaranteed a LOOOOOOOOONG wait. I am close to ready to stop playing. Moving slow is a ridiculous understatement.

  12. Hey guys, need some help. Purchased the jewelers house, but I can’t find it anywhere in my
    Inventory/storage. I talked to customer support, they swear I received it. Not sure what to do. Also, add me hybrid636

  13. My lumber storage is at 120 even with 5 warehouses. How do I increase it to 150 to then defeat gobool lair to south of stone giant and continue story?

    • Upgrade your warehouses to hold the max and you can get lumber by putting s person to work in the Lumberman’s hut. If your warehouses can not hold anymore lumber you will have to sell the Lumber that you lumberman’s hut makes.

  14. Hi I can’t go any further. I need a lot of extra crystals to get a new territory. I also don’t know how to add friendcodes and where can I find mine?
    Can someone please help me?

    • Tap the gear icon in the lower right hand corner. It is called Support ID.
      To add friends ID’s, tap the “Friends” icon 3rd from bottom left. A new line of icons will appear, tap the “Add A Friend” icon, a new box in the middle of the screen will appear and you can type in your friends Support ID. Only 10 ID’S per day.

      • Zack on April 30, 2014 at 5:28 am said:

        Tap the gear icon in the lower right hand corner. It is called Support ID.
        To add friends ID’s, tap the “Friends” icon 3rd from bottom left. A new line of icons will appear, tap the “Add A Friend” icon, a new box in the middle of the screen will appear and you can type in your friends Support ID. Only 10 ID’S per day.

        The gear icon says settings and only brings up sound options. Any further suggestions? Please.

    • Tap the “To Battle” to start a battle with the gobol’s. The screen will move to the area the gobol’s will appear. They will walk around your kingdom and your defense posts will auto first at them, however you have to keep arming them by taping on them. Gobol’s are the lowest level bad guy you will battle.
      It is a good idea to locate your towers and/or posts near the next area you will be expanding into.

  15. Help! Will there be any more quests/ updates? I’m on level 39, have unlocked all 17 territories. Have pretty much completed almost all quests, but no new quests have popped up! I want to play but it seems like I have reached the end of the game? Help! :( And I really dislike playing that map part where you get “runes” in order to buy the pig house and other stuff (it becomes very repetitive and boring!!) help? Any news about new quests? :(

    I see there seem to be more land but it’s covered in fog and there is no bridge to it, and o way to buy it. Also, in the collections section there is another tab called “unique collections” but its not available and it says “will be available in the next update”. When is that next update coming??

    PS: I play on IOS (ipad)

    • You may want to ask the customer support peeps at Game Insight. Tap the “G!” In the top right corner, that will take you to their game page. Tap the “Support” tab, then you tap the “New Request” box and go from there. They will respond pretty fast. They don’t like to revel the story line, so you may want to word things strongly.
      You will need to know your Support ID # and the version of the game that is loaded on your device. You can find that under “settings”. On my tablet I had to open settings, then general, then application manager, scroll down till I found Tribez and Castlez, open that up and the version was listed there.

  16. Hi people… I need help!!!

    A quest asked me to place an item into the inventory… I stupidly did it with a field, and now I can’t get it out… Help me plz!!

  17. I am tring to invite friends, I put the id codes in but all I see (for 30 minutes or longer) the blue circle. Internet working fine, any suggestions thanks, I have 4 friends but can’t add anymore but have not added any for a long time.

  18. How can i defeat the boar riders? I wold statue is still occupied, i am level 36 and since weeks it tells me to defeat the boer riders……but not how. I guess through battle……i battle every day, so how long?

  19. Last month I bought the Magician’s House that makes crystals, and it just expired. I bought a new one but I’m wondering if I can recharge the old one. I could use the space its taking up. I could sell it for gold, but id rather have the crystals if that’s possible. Does anyone know about this?

  20. Hi I am new to this game and I can only add friends who are on Facebook. I notice that there is some code to add people… how do I know what my code is?? Also does anyone know if you can remove a road after it is built?

  21. I have lost all my neighbors they are gone what happened to them and it wont let me add anyone its blank! I had 43. Help please..and why cant we text with them you need to add that.

  22. Hi Delisa,
    I lost all of my neighbours too, I emailed game insight support and this is what they said:

    One should interact with allies as it is so splendid to have friends you can always pay visits to, help and support each other! Don’t forget about your friends and pay attention to the game feature according to which, if you don’t visit your friend for three days, this player moves off your list of allies. Note that this doesn’t apply to your friends from Facebook.

    Basically if u don’t play for 3 days they delete everyone, it is the most stupid rule I have ever heard of! Now I’m stuck with no neighbours and it took me ages to build them up! I’m completely fed up about it!

    • Thats so wrong! And I guess there is no way of getting neighbors at all now. Guess I will find another game. If you find a good one please let me know thank you.

  23. I’m at level 47 and I’m having difficulties with my warehouses. I’ve got 12 warehouses (level 6) and three fortified warehouses (level 1) . I need three ‘vessels for dust’ to get to the level 7 of warehouses but I can’t seem to get them from the manufactory. Can anybody help me with this? I’m not even sure which of the four things that you can do at the manufactory provides these vessels.

    All help or ideas would be appreciated!

    • You will get them, you just need patience. I found doing the shortest item. Ie the one that costs 75 scrolls and takes an hour to complete got me my vessels for dust. Good luck!

      • I have been trying to get the vessel for dust also. The manufactories don’t take scrolls. They take the wool. I’ve tried the longest time and the shortest time and still haven’t gotten not 1 in the last month.

  24. Please help! My buildings of Estate have kept disappearing every time I tried to update to Palazzo which is one of my quests..tried 3 times and all gone so far..
    Such a waste :-( any solutions?

  25. to add friends just log in to your Facebook account hit your profile , at the top of your profil you have the search key type in tribez & Casle and some ones profile will pop up scroll down on their profil and you will see a link that says add friends. When you do a list of hundreds of names will appear off people whom are playing the game. Just start hitting the add friends and I guarantee you everyone is eager to add a friend because the game is so exciting and adventurous your email Is gonna blow up with people confirming you as a friend. I start out as one and I’m two hundred plus, all with in one day. And they are more then generous with sending you supplies if you need it. Have fun guys.

  26. Please advise. I have a quest of building another house, but the game says houses can only be inside the castle walls. I have no more room inside my castle walls. Is it possible to make the castle larger (i.e. relocate the castle walls or expand them)? Thanks for any advice you can provide.

  27. Hey I think that my friends are trying to add me but the game is fubared please add me Sarah Duncan thanks I kinda doubts it will work I dont see messages anymore another screen with prizes or what friends sent pops up and by they time its gone the messages are too and I cant click on them when the other screens are up please help!

  28. Hey guys!
    It’s been a while since I last played and I’ve found that my entire “kingdom” has been overrun by trees, bushes and boxes. I want to remove these objects, but I need a shed load of food to do so which will take a shed load of time.
    What I was wondering – is there anyway to remove them all at once, maybe at the cost of Gems? If so, where would the option be? I’ve searched everywhere on the interface for this option, but I can’t find it. If it hasn’t been included in the game, the developers should seriously consider adding it as it would save a lot of time.
    Thanks for the reply in advance. Really appreciate the gesture.

  29. Need help please. ..I’m on level 27…28…I have 6 warehouses all at level 4…I need 200 lumber to up grade but I can only hold 180…?…how do I get to get to 200 from 180…?

  30. Please someone tell me if there is any way to get the keys for the aeolian treasury and the ice treasury other than purchasing them I play on my laptop and play every dau

  31. firstly I cannot seem to go to facebook for friend as it keep on giving me an error. then I am at level 33 and cant seem to defeat the wickerewolf, I attacked him 5x already, costing me 25000 coins each time but he is still there is it a glitch that I am stuck here or how many time does he need to be attacked, I cannot expand or buy new land when he is not defeated. Can someone please add me as a friend o facebook so I can start earning gems and stuff. My Id is: uwyb5tf. I play on my Huawei P Smart 2018 addition

  32. In The Tribez, Can anyone tell me which quest I have to complete in order to level my main building to Level 8? It says I need three mansions, but it won’t let me build them until a quest is completed, but it does not show me which quest so I am stuck.


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