Ready to ride? Trial Xtreme 4 is a physics-based motorcycle game that pits you against crazy obstacle courses. You have nothing but yourself and your trusty bike to make it through – except for us! We’ll help you burn through the courses with our Trial Xtreme 4 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch your head!

This game follows realistic rules, meaning that your head is the most valuable part of your body! If your rider’s head comes into contact with any kind of obstacles, you will immediately be incapacitated and your current run will end. Be sure to watch your speed and control your landings so you don’t go flying into a ceiling or ledge!

2. Practice a stage before you take a bet!

Before you start up a race, you’re given the option to race against another player’s ghost. If you win the race, you’ll be awarded a set amount of coins. However, if you lose, you lose coins! This is a good option to earn some extra cash, but only do it if you’re familiar with the level. If you want, you can opt to practice the stage instead with no fear of penalty.

3. Earn three stars on a level for coins!

There are a possible of three stars you can earn on each level, but if you’re not racing against a player ghost then you can only earn up to two. The first star is for finishing the race at all. The second star is for not crashing a single time. The third star is for coming in first place against a player’s ghost.

4. Don’t waste coins on customizing your character, buy upgrades instead!

You have the option to buy different clothes and helmets for your character, but this has no effect in-game. You should hold off on customization until you have at least upgraded your starting bike all the way. Even then, you should save up for the next bike that can be upgraded even further.

5. Try out a tournament!

Tournaments are great ways to earn big cash if you’ve got the skills. Tournaments work like this: players from all around the world race on a specific track and get placed in a bracket depending on how fast they got through it. There are three brackets – gold, silver, and bronze. As you would expect, being in the better bracket when the tournament ends gets you more coins. You need to be very skilled though, as some of these other players are tough! Also remember that some tournaments have an entry fee.

6. Dueling is great too!

Dueling has you take on an individual player by betting coins. You’ll race by yourself on a track, then they’ll respond by racing on that same track. You do this three times and whoever has the fastest total time at the end wins the bet. If you think you’ve got the skills, dueling is arguably better than tournaments in terms of earning coins.

7. Utilize your hop button!

The little spring button above your shifting arrows is the hop button. It’s pretty self-explanatory: tapping it makes your character hop a tiny bit. While it may at first seem useless, it’s great for getting over little bumps in the road that would otherwise slow you down. There are also some moments in a track where you need to use it in order to advance, such as the loop in Depot 5. Try it out and get used to the way it works!

8. Shifting your weight is key!

Above all, the main thing to remember is that balance is the key to a good run. Use your arrows to shift your weight from front to back; experiment to see how weight shifts affect your acceleration, speed, handling, and jumping. It’ll also help you save yourself if you start to lose control. If you begin to lean back too far, shift your weight forward so that you rebalance yourself. Mastering shifting your weight is key to becoming the ultimate rider!

With that, you should be on your way to riding towards victory. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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  1. I can get past half of number 7 Thailand but then I can’t with that thing swinging. Some one please help. I can’t find a walkthrough for it.

    • You have to let that thing send you back. You will have a backwards loop and get to the normal race. Just try to keep the balance when it hits you.

  2. Level 9 in Thailand has a long jump, I cant even get close to the other side. I always hit the water. Imwas thinking to wait and upgrade my bike, so it might jump further, but its not that hopeful, since its only 2 upgrades left. Any advice, would be appreciated.

  3. Dont bother with the tournaments too many people have hacked and are cheating. I feel i do very well with smooth runs and people are completing the run 10 seconds faster then me. Completely impossible. Waste of coins and losing me from what was a really good game

  4. Pay attention to signs! There are street signs that direct you in the direction and actions to take. Some say stop! Like in Thailand where the big hammer has to come and knock you across the long jump.


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