Transworld Endless Skater is a skating game that rewards points for the amount of tricks you can do. The aim is to complete a set of tasks within a timeframe in order to earn cash which then can be used to progress through the game. The game incorporates an interesting control system in order to give you a variety of moves to perform. The challenge is to use these in order to gain a high score, and the game encourages you to seamlessly incorporate these tricks, in where this Transworld Endless Skater Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide will help to point you in the best direction.

1. Tutorial
At the start of the main menu you will have the option of a tutorial. It is best to use this to guide you through the game mechanics and the controls. The controls can be tricky as you will have to remember what side to press as well as what area of the screen in order to perform different movements. Therefore it is best to play through the tutorial more than once in order to give you a recap when needed.


2. Incorporating moves
The control system is a little hard to get used to, however after a while you can get into the swing of things. The main thing to remember is which side to press and also what area of the screen. The moves are performed by either an up/down or left/right motion. It is key to remember to execute each move correctly and that each movement has to be performed exactly. The timing in which you do this also has to be considered as you will have to jump over obstacles in order to advance on through the level.

3. Mission objectives
In order to move on to the next level you will be given objectives in which you will have to complete. These will be certain tasks, and moves required for you to perform in order to advance. One of the main objectives is to reach a certain number of points within the time limit. This should be the main objection as the others are usually less challenging and can be completed with less effort. Therefore you should prioritise the point objective first.

4. Stats and Boosts
The way to improve in the game is through upgrading your Stats and collecting Boosts. Stats will help your player character improve their skill, and the Boosts are present in the levels that will help aid you as you go through. Try and take advantage of these when seen within the level as they will help you significantly with the objectives needed to progress.

5. Yellow lines
There will be lines present on the ground to show you the direction you are heading in. During the course of the game in order to gain more points it will be necessary to switch direction from left or right in order to make use of certain obstacles placed in the game.

6. Maximizing your score
The best way to improve your score is to keep performing tricks and use every opportunity you have to perform something. Even when skating in a straight line there is a chance to keep doing flips until you reach an obstacle in order to keep gaining points. When skating over ramps and jumping you can gain higher points by performing flips when high in the air.



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