Transformers: Age of Extinction Cheats and Tips Strategy Guide


Transformers: Age of Extinction is a brand new release on the App Store, the official game of the upcoming Transformers movie. And since it takes the form of an endless runner, we are here to share with you a set of Transformers: Age of Extinction cheats and tips and group them into a hopefully complete strategy guide that will see you complete all the stages and get all the stars per stage. It won’t be an easy ride, so let’s get it started with the Transformers: Age of Extinction tips and tricks!

1. Shoot the enemies while in car form
While they are in the car form, of course. That’s when they can cause zero damage and you can do a lot of damage to them: either by shooting or, even better, by transforming into a car and speed bumping into them, unleashing the melee attack.

2. Tip to quickly complete all levels
Since each stage has a time limit and not a distance limit, there’s a nice little trick you can try in order to increase your chances of completing the stage quickly: go into car form and just drive forward for 10 seconds or so, avoiding all obstacles. You will get a horde of Decepticons following you and therefore more to take out with your shots and especially melee attacks.

3. Melee does more damage than ranged
Even after you upgrade your equipment and get new one, Melee attacks will still cause more damage than ranged ones. There is also a more poweful melee attack when you turn from car from into your robot form. Not all enemies are easy to attack with melee charges, but use them at a maximum whenever you can.

4. Take advantage of your car form
Except for the fact that when you turn from car to robot, you unleash a devastating attack, you can also use your car form to avoid most of the attacks coming from enemy Decepticons – like the continuous laser or the energy shots, which won’t hit you while in car form.

5. Upgrade and get new weapons/armor
It’s extremely expensive to upgrade your existing gear and get new ones, but you should try for some as soon as possible. The easiest way to get new items is by spending the Blue Energon and Green Energon that you get during your missions. Then, you can upgrade these items using Crystals, and you should do so in order to improve their stats. I would recommend upgrading the ranged weapon first since that’s what you will be using the most, then the Armor and finally the Melee weapon, since that already causes a ton of damage.

6. Sell equipment you don’t need
Whenever you find and equip a better weapon or armor, make sure that you sell the previous one. Usually, you’ll get the Crystals for an upgrade of your newest weapon. And you don’t need more weapons for when you get more Transformers: simply unequip the one you’re using and give it to the best robot!

7. Replay stages after upgrading
In order to get the three star ratings on all stages, you need to complete various missions during these stages. It’s one run per star and things can get really difficult, so it’s best to complete about 5-10 missions for the first star, upgrade your equipment a bit and then get back to the previous missions.

8. Get the free goodies
Tap the upper right icon that looks like three hexagons inside a bigger hexagon. That’s the game’s menu, and in your inbox you will see some rewards. They come daily, so make sure that you collect them, as there is no warning otherwise that you have received them!

And these would be our Transformers: Age of Extinction tips and tricks. Hopefully they will help you get as far as possible in the game and also help you unlock all the robots available as soon as possible!

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Cheats and Tips Strategy Guide


  1. Hey can you tell me how to complete the challenge missions. Because these missions seems to be impossible to complete. Most of the time I run out of the time or the enemies. And is there a easy way to get better range weapon for all bots, like Epic or legendary weapon. Please help

  2. I’ve beaten the first 3 missions in challenge x3 but I used bumblebee v2 with al rare items specific to him every 36 hrs watch videos to get 4 cyber credits aswell


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