You have wandered into a deep forest and the way out seems to be shrouded in fog. However, you don’t feel the slightest bit of dread. Instead, the air is filled with tranquility. You befriend a small little creature and soon realize that you have more control over this forest than you originally thought…

Evergarden is an enigmatic new puzzle game set in a mysterious forest. Fen, your new creature companion, explains the intricacies of the forest to you. The forest is a massive maze, and you will need to explore and cultivate to progress.

Plants will grow into your small secluded garden in the forest, and you can take certain plants and combine them into magical new forms. Each new plant has a little backstory, and each little tidbit will helps you come closer to solving the mystery behind this forest.

Evergreen operates on a hex-tiled board. You can tap and drag to connect plants, and each level tasks you with creating certain plants. The whole experience is rather relaxing, as there aren’t any move limits or time constraints to worry about. The garden is yours and you are free to solve it at your own pace.

With each puzzle solved and gardens grown, you will come closer and closer to uncovering the core of the forest. Evergarden is available now on the iOS App Store.


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