Training Ground in Evil Hunter Tycoon – Guide and Tips


As the name suggests, the training ground is used to train hunters and upgrade them. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the training ground in Evil Hunter Tycoon.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Training Ground Guide

To level up hunters, you need to create “Tactics.” One Tactics will raise the character’s level by 40 points in just 30 minutes. If the current level of the hunter is 60 and you apply the tactics, then the hero will become level 100.

How to Use the Training Ground

To create tactics, you need 21 linen fabrics. It can be replaced with other resources: 21 oranges, 2000 elementals, 21 raw flour. Choose the right option for you.

After upgrading two hunters to level 100 you need to reincarnate. After that, the difficulty level “Normal” will become available. Tap on the difficulty level icon in the top left corner of the screen to change it.

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It is important to understand that after moving to a new level, only 2 reincarnated hunters will be available to you. After returning to the easy level, send fighters to the Captured Land to get more linen cloth or another resource. Create new tactics, so you can quickly raise everyone to level 100 and later switch to normal mode.

Hunter’s Training Rate

The training rate of a character in the training ground varies depending on its level:

  • 30 minutes for level 1
  • 20 minutes for level 2
  • 10 minutes for level 3

The training ground is not the only option for upgrading hunters. This is easy to do in other ways.

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Training Ground in Evil Hunter Tycoon – Guide and Tips


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