Traffic Racing Rivals for iOS has been a really pleasant surprise for me as I wasn’t really expecting such a high quality game here. It’s true that the game lacks some polish, but it has great graphics and a really addictive gameplay, which is exactly what you need from a game! And if you are having trouble acing it, we are here to share with you some Traffic Racing Rivals cheats and tips to help you keep on going and get the highest score possible.

So read on for our complete strategy guide for this great game in our Traffic Racing Rivals tips & cheats article below!


Start Playing the Two Way mode
It might be the most difficult, but it also helps you get a lot better at the game (and you get the highest scores easily). Starting with the Two Way mode helps you understand how the game works, how to get the best possible score easily and how to drive to avoid the incoming traffic. After playing with two way traffic, moving to traffic going in one direction only will be a breeze!

Get as much time as possible on the left lane
You get a bonus from staying on the left lane, so make sure that you start there to get the easy points, then spend as much time as possible on that lane. Combine that with the high speed bonus (over 100 Kmh) and you can easily score tons of points to get more coins.

Save for the second car
Don’t buy any upgrades and don’t spend your coins on anything until you have enough money to buy the second car which is way better than the first one. Then you can start investing in some upgrades, but have in mind that you should save for the third car too and that’s the one to upgrade a bit to up your game.

Upgrades for your car
Personally, I believe that the Handling and Braking are more important upgrades because you need to have a perfect, flawless control of your vehicle when driving, so make sure that you invest in these first to improve your chances of staying in the game for as long as possible.

Use the brakes a lot
There will be numerous occasions when the lanes will be blocked. Don’t be afraid to use the brakes and slow down a lot and wait for an opening. Even though you get little points for driving at low speeds, staying alive is the most important thing in this game as it opens the door for a ton of points. So drive fast but use the brakes and keep your speed low whenever necessary and risk as little as possible.

Always look ahead
When I am driving in Traffic Racing Rivals, I always keep my eyes on the upper side of the screen to see incoming traffic and choose the best lane. Ideally, the best way for you to go is in the middle because it opens up the room to steer left or right if a car decides to change lanes. But always look ahead and you’ll do better because you will be better prepared for incoming traffic!

So these would be our tips and tricks for Traffic Racing Rivals – if you have some extra strategy advice, don’t hesitate to let us know!



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