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Traffic Puzzle Cheats & Tips: Guide to 3-star All Stages

Traffic Puzzle Cheats & Tips: Guide to 3-star All Stages

If you want to get better at playing the game, our Traffic Puzzle tips and cheats will help you achieve that. This is a guide that will tell you how to play the game and how to increase your chances of finishing all stages with three stars.

A truly impressive and on of a kind match three game for mobile, Traffic Puzzle comes with some unique concepts and gameplay mechanics, some that will increase the level of challenge of the game and keep you entertained for longer periods of time.

And for when things become too difficult, our tips and tricks might come in handy. So let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out our Traffic Puzzle guide below!

Replay stages for easier setups

In most levels, the colors of the cars are random and refresh each time you start a new game. So even though they will always be placed in the same positions, sometimes the color arrangements are more difficult than in other occasions.

I would say that in the more advanced levels – which are really difficult – you will have to try over and over again until you get a friendly set of colors. Otherwise, it will be impossible to complete the levels without spending power-ups or extra coins.

Look at the directions the cars are facing

This is probably the most important bit of information that you need and have in the game and you have to always pay attention to which side the vehicles are facing.

This is also the feature that makes traffic puzzle unique: unlike in most other match three games, here the tiles change positions (or not) depending on the directions the cars are facing.

This means that some matches are better than others and in some cases, the direction from which you create a match (for example from a side or from the top/bottom) can have an influence on the game as well.

So always look at the directions the cars are facing before deciding your next move and make sure that the match you make is the best possible one taking future movement into account.

Plan ahead!

Combine planning with the tip above in order to easily complete all levels. While you will never know exactly what color vehicle comes next, if you try to plan 2-3 moves ahead, you’ll do a much better job in the game.

An important thing you should plan for is getting rid of a color (or more): the fewer colors you have left on the board, the easier it will be for you to complete the puzzles. So always plan your moves ahead and be patient – this is not a game where speed matters!

Save your power-ups for really tough times

Just like most games of this kind, Traffic Puzzle doesn’t give you a ton of power-ups that you can use whenever you see fit. Instead, you only have a few of each type and you should try to hold onto those until the hard levels hit.

And even in those situations, make sure that you use them when they can really make a difference and that you’ll complete the level by using them. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of very important resources and you don’t want to do that!

But do keep an eye on the power-ups that the Garage gives you during the game – you can use those for free and they can really be game-changers.

You can match more than three vehicles

You probably know this already, but in some situations you can actually match 4 or more vehicles.

It’s not very clear to me right now which shapes work best – because squares, for example, are not considered as a match – but definitely go for long matches that are horizontal, vertical or L-shaped.

However, unlike in most match three games out there, creating a match of more than three cars doesn’t give you a power-up or special car or anything, so you shouldn’t focus on clearing the board in such a way that you save up for longer matches.

Instead, do things methodically and try to get rid of as many vehicles as possible by taking advantage of the directions they’re facing or regular matches.

Be prepared for unique modes

…like the Reward Rush. This is a special game mode where you must complete a set of stages without losing at all, but you only have a limited amount of time in which you can do it.

The good news is that even if you fail, you still have a second chance (or more). However, when you do, you start from the beginning once more. So things are not going to be easy here, but give it your best and use all the other tips shared in this article to make it work.

You don’t really NEED to 3-star all levels

I know that we all love to see nothing but 3 stars in all levels, but the truth is that some are extremely difficult to master – especially if you’re playing as a free player.

You won’t need to pass all stages with three stars in order to progress through the game, so don’t worry if you can’t master all levels. Instead, enjoy the new ones and only go back to try again the levels you haven’t been able to master if you need additional stars for some reason or if you realistically believe that you can do better.

Keep an eye out for obstacles!

Obstacles are extremely annoying in any type of game out there and Traffic Puzzle makes no exception. And these are definitely places in such a way that they’re supposed to make your life more difficult, so always consider them.

The thing about obstacles (be them actual, unmovable ones or even other vehicles) is that they can be avoided or even taken advantage of if you think the level through and are a bit lucky in some situations.

But no matter what happens, you should always have them in mind because they can interfere with the movement of the cars on the board or even block out some vehicles in places where creating matches is very difficult.

Only get extra moves if victory is certain

Premium currency is really expensive in the game and getting it for free is not easy. Therefore, you should try to conserve it and only use it in those special situations where spending some money for extra moves would really mean that you’re beating an otherwise seemingly impossible (or very, very difficult level).

Most levels (at least up to the point where we’re currently at) seem to be built to allow us to beat them without spending real life money, even though they might require several tries or more.

But if things really get too complicated and you want to get past a level at all costs, do use your Premium coins – do make sure that you actually beat the level after you do this, though.

This would be all for now in terms of Traffic Puzzle tips and tricks. If you have additional advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.

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Traffic Puzzle Cheats & Tips: Guide to 3-star All Stages


  1. I’ve been on level 60 forever. I’m not sure I know what I’m doing..waking up cars, fixing cars, etc. What is really the plot and how do you win?

    • I am addicted to this game, so much so that I play it on two iPads. I’ve done over level 1000 on both iPads (each on different levels) I am 71 years old and playing it a lot to cure my addiction.

    • One of your cars has to be on the grass, match two more cars and you will have 2 patches of grass. Or if you have two cars on patches of grass and one is off, you get that patch of grass on the match.

  2. I am definitely caught up in the game, at level 311 I’ve gotten addicted. Some levels are very hard but if you play enough times sooner or later colors will match up and get u out of that level. Some levels took me a bunch of times. Go to the bonus games where there is no time you start out at the beginning if you don’t make it through the levels you go back. It’s very much a challenge and the rewards aren’t that great but I can’t put it down

      • I got 3 out of 4 lit up but once the train hits that spot, it stops it also stops at the unlit light. No can cross…

        I found that if you play many retries eventually the pgm will make it easier to win this particular stage. I’ve never get stuck in any one level for long. Just would like to see an explanation of why, else it is like a training / programming session

  3. Does anybody know of a game like this that actually gives you the right color car, or at least doesn’t seem to try to keep you from getting it, the way this does?
    Example : 2 moves, 2 red, 1 green, 1 blue cars remaining. It almost invariably will give you, green, blue, (the ones you don’t need.)

    • It will only do that if you still have a green or blue car in play on the game. If you had got rid of the green & blue cars during the game, then it would give you 2 red cars.

  4. I am on level 311 and can’t figure out how to make the cones disappear. Sometimes when you get 3 cars of the same color next to them they disappear, sometimes they don’t???

  5. I am stuck on level 197. How do you get rid of the color changing lights on the helipads? I have matched next to them multiple times, and they are still there!

    • Having same problem I am on a level over 200. Cleared all the cars for the trams to move but the traffic lights are still blocking the tracks. I even wasted £17.99 trying to buy extra credits but I am stuck. Anybody know how to move the lights?

      • Ouch! the thought of paying out £17.99 and still not managing to complete it brings tears to my eyes So far I paid £2.78 and don’t intend spending a penny more. If I’m really stuck, I shall put my iPhone down for a few days, and hopefully come back to it with refreshed eyes.

    • Line up at each light with 2 car same colours.

      Need 5 ambulances. Place at each
      of the traffic lights to make three This will turn light on and then repeat until all traffics lights are lit. Then the all traffic lights will. disappear. 3 stars.

  6. I’m on level 207 and I cannot figure out how to remove the stop lights. I’ve matched next to, behind and on the side, but nothing. They turn from dark red to a lighter red but that’s it. Can someone help?

    • You have to get all the lights to turn bright red first, then they all go away at once. But if you make a second match next to any one of them before that happens, that one will turn dark again.

  7. I was searching for a way to free the flipping train on #90 and came across this link. Maybe will help someone out there. If anyone has any insight on how to get pass #90, please help. I got down to 4 cars left, 1 with a lock but can’t get any further.

  8. I want a tutorial:

    How to earn powerups?

    What the points at the end of each finished round go??? The points dont convert to coins, powerups or gems.
    Other games have ability to earn and conserve resources not here.

    Why should I continue past level 80???

  9. In Reward Rush stage 2 level 3… how to you get rid of the trash cans/dumpsters? It seems cars may have to be facing a certain direction but I can’t figure it out?

  10. Stuck on #115 Been at it all day. Keep getting down to 1 car blocking the ambulance. If I wasn’t already bald, I would be pulling my hair out Any tips please?

  11. Just reached the master level!!
    2520 znd counting. Fun game, although the rewards seem to have vanished. No coins for finishing a series. Bummer. I wax hoping for something big when I finally got there. Is there something t look forward to moving ahead in the game?


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