Toy Blast Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Toy Blast tips and cheats that we gathered so far and share everything that you need to know in order to pass all of the game’s stages.

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If you like match three games, or rather match at least two, then this is your game! It’s got very easy stages compared to other such games, and there are so many possibilities that you will find yourself passing the stages one after the other with absolutely no issues whatsoever!

So if you are ready to follow all that we know so far, then let us share with you ll of our Toy Blast tips and tricks, and help you pass the game’s stages quickly and effortlessly!

Match as much as you can

In this game you should always try to match as much as you can in order to complete the main objective of the game! You will have a given number of moves which you will have to stick to, so make sure you do all of your matches within those moves!

You can match any blocks as long as they are the same color and there are 2+ of them, so make sure that if you want to get the best result, you match like 4+ blocks of the same color because you will get more points.

My personal favorite thing to do is always look for super big matches, such as 8+ blocks, because they give some very good bonuses. This technique will rely a little bit on luck, but also on your matching skills, so if you try to do it, here’s how:

– You look around the board until you find multiple blocks of the same color relatively close to each other (let’s say there is a couple of other color blocks between them).

– You try to match these other blocks that are between them to get them out of the way and put instead of them the same color blocks as the ones you want to make the big combo.

– You can match 2+ blocks to get to this, but be wary of your moves! Don’t go crazy and run out of moves just to get a super big combo.

– Like this you can make some super big matches, but you need to keep an eye on all of your moves and requirements for the level.

Always aim for the 3 stars!

In Toy Blast you will see whenever you are playing a new stage that on top of the screen there is something like a progress bar which shows the progress you need for each one of the stars.

I suggest that you should always aim high, at the three star rating, because it is not that hard to achieve especially if you are creating many combos and boosters. It’s rather easy to get to three stars!

If you failed to get 3 stars in a level, try again! It’s not a shame that you failed getting three stars – if that happens, and you got only 2 stars (or even 1 star) you still passed! Play a little more, and come back later (or even after failing the three star level) and try completing it again!

Always prioritize the level’s goals!

Every level will have its own goals – some will ask you to unlock some toys, others to collect a certain number of specific blocks, but every level has something. Remember that these goals is what you should be after, and not the combo boosters!

The combo boosters should be the special blocks that you make in order to help you complete the level’s goals!

You can see the goals for every level either before you are starting that level, or during the level in the top left side of the screen! Stick to these and try your best to achieve them with as few moves as possible!

Conserve your moves

Of course, it is always good to try and do as many combos as possible, but it is also way better to receive a ton of free boosters! Am I right? Well, you need to know that for every move that you have not used in a level you will receive a free booster!

These are way better than you think, because with enough boosters, even if you haven’t managed to score all 3 stars with simply playing, they will help you reach the three star goals much faster!

Therefore I really suggest that you try to find the best solution to solving a level fast, so that you can benefit from more free boosters. It’s always nice to try and have at least 5-8 extra moves that you have not used! They will each give you a booster in a random place on the board.

Learn what the special tiles give and how to get them!

There are three types of special tiles in the game, which will give you various benefits, so let me tell you exactly how you can get them and what they will do once you activate them:

– The Rotor: this tile will swipe all of the tiles that are in a row or column, depending on which way it is pointing to. In order to make one, you need to match 5 or 6 tiles of the same color.

– The TNT: this tile will explode all adjacent tiles in a radius of 9×9. If you want to make a TNT tile, you will need to match 7 or 8 cubes of the same color.

– The Puzzle Cube: this tile will remove all cubes of the same color from the board. In order to make a Puzzle Cube, you will need to match 9 or more cubes of the same color.

The easiest ones to make are obviously the Rotors, but the ones you should try going for should be the Puzzle Cubes, because they are really a game changer! (even if they are pretty hard to combine)

Match multiple special tiles!

Now if you want some super duper bonus tiles, you should try making various combos between the special tiles! For example if you combine the Rotor and the TNT, you will have two mega Rotors covering 3 rows and 3 columns, which will go both vertically and horizontally!

These along with the Double Puzzle Cube booster are my favorites! The Double Puzzle Cube booster will basically need two Puzzle Cubes to combine into a huge explosion and basically delete all of the blocks off the board (or to say it better, “reset” the board).

You can create the following super special tiles:

– Rotor + TNT: 2 mega Rotors covering 3 rows and 3 columns, which will go both vertically and horizontally

– Rotor + Puzzle Cube: it will place multiple random Rotors all over the board

– Rotor + Rotor: 1 Rotor which will go both vertically and horizontally, covering 1 column and 1 row.

– TNT + TNT: a super explosion which will cover more tiles than the normal TNT explosion.

– Puzzle Cube + TNT: this will place multiple TNTs all over the board.

– Puzzle Cube + Puzzle Cube: will create a mega explosion which will remove all the blocks on the board.

Try forming the special blocks where you need them

You probably noticed that when multiple blocks of the same color have the symbol of one of the boosters in the middle, on whichever cube you tap it will place the special tile there. Well, you should always think ahead and try to visualize where you want the special tiles to go, because this will have quite a big impact on the game.

I suggest that you always try to place them next to each other, because that will be the most beneficial since you can then start working on matching multiple special blocks together!

Be persistent in your tries!

If you failed a level once, do not give up. It is always hard to pass some levels sometimes – heck, I even failed at level 10 because I did not pay attention to my moves and they ran out!

If you are dealing sometimes with tough levels, do not give up. The tiles that are generated are random, so if in one level you can’t seem to match anything, the next time you try that level you might pass it and have extra moves left!

So no matter what, do not give up! Try again and again, and eventually you will succeed!

Use the boosters to help you out!

In the game there are certain boosters that you can pick while playing a level. These boosters can help you clear the level much easier, or help you achieve the level’s requirements without spending any moves.

You can find these while playing the level, on the bottom side of the screen. Make sure you don’t waste them without reason, because sometimes you might need them and you would have used them for nothing!

So make sure you save these for the higher levels, and only if you can’t seem to pass a stage no matter how hard you try!

Power ups (starting boosters) are also useful

The power ups can be selected right before you start a level, and they are Rotors, TNT and Puzzle Cube. When you choose to utilize one of these, you will then start the level with one of them automatically.

Make sure you use them only if absolutely necessary, because just like the in game boosters, they are super useful and can totally change the outcome of a stage! They will come in handy much more if you use them at higher levels, so make sure you save up a ton of them!

Collect Stars to open the Star Chest

No matter how many stars you will receive from a level, you will need to collect a total of 30 stars in order to unlock the Star Chest. Always try to collect these, because you will receive Coins and other useful items and boosters from it.

Since this is basically just a bonus, make sure you claim it whenever you have it available, so that you can start saving more stars from even more levels, and unlock even more Star Chests!

These would be all of our Toy Blast tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Toy Blast Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

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