Toy Balls (and its HD brother for iPad) is a great new title for us to play during our spare time. However, making it to the top of the score boards and getting 4 stars in each level is extremely tricky sometimes, and that’s the reason why I have decided to share with you a set of Toy Balls cheats: tips and tricks that will hopefully improve your game and help you get the most out of it without spending too much (or any) real money.

So if you’re looking for Toy Ball cheats and tricks, search no more because we have them all below!

1. Focus on the same color
Even though sometimes you will create shorter lines, for the longer run it’s best to try to take out a color first in order to allow the other color(s) create much longer lines. Always keep an eye on the level and see which color would benefit you most if you removed some balls – not necessary as a long line, but in the long run.

2. Be quick
Even though you have to think about the moves you’re making, you also have to be quick. Waiting out too long (for longer lines, for example) might result in the balls hitting the lasers and ending the game too early, before you get the chance to reach the top score. So it’s usually best to be quick, especially when new balls are falling and you can catch them before they bounce away

3. Create longer lines
Although I said that the best thing is to eliminate a color in order to bring similarly colored balls closer, your main goal is to create as many as as long lines as possible. The longer the line, the more points you get, so always have this in mind when taking out balls.

4. Use special balls sparingly
Be careful when using those magic balls that allow you to continue a line with a ball of a different color! Try to only use them towards the end of the level, when you’re sure you’re indeed pushing for a high score. Also, later in the level, there are bigger chances for more balls to be on the board, creating longer lines. You can deactivate the use of Magic Balls per each level in order not to be tempted to waste them by tapping the ball icon in the upper right corner.

5. Replay levels
Sometimes, the randomness of the balls dropping will not help you and the only way to get the high score is to replay the level. Each time you play you will get different balls, so a bit of luck is always welcome. You can make luck come to you by replaying each level.

And these would be for now the Toy Balls tips and tricks that we had to share with you. Do you have any other advice for fellow players? Let us know by commenting below!


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