Township Cheats: Tips & Tricks (iPhone, iPad)


Township for iPhone and iPad is a great city building game that mixes traditional time management features with farming and sprinkles them with a dash of great graphics. But we’re not here to talk about that, we’re here to discuss the really important things: Township cheats, as well as tips and tricks for this great iOS game that got us hooked from day one and probably did the same for you.

We’ll cover how to make more coins, how to make sure that you build up all your structures and improve the city and turn it into a really thriving one.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s jump straight into the difficult waters of Township with tips & tricks that will make everything easier.

Do whatever you like
It might sound like a very strange tip to start with, but this is what makes Township so great. There are no missions or quests or things that force you go one way or the other.

It’s your city and you build it as you see fit, so focusing on doing what you like to do in this game will still help you progress.

However, if you want to turn it into a bustling metropolis as fast as possible, some other strategies should be applied.

How to get more coins in Township
One of the strangest things in the game is that coins are not easily awarded if you’re not paying attention. The only real way to get coins in the game is by completing orders (tap the helicopter button).

Just look at the orders and try to get the items the people there require. Just pay good attention and the rewards too because sometimes the deals are not that good and not worth the trouble.

If you see such an order, simply hit the trash bin icon near it and after a while a new and hopefully better one will appear, one that will bring you a ton more coins.

Plant crops, then plant some more
The crops are the foundation of your city and you need a lot of them in order to build it up. Wheat is extremely important at all times, so make sure that you have a solid supply and always planting more.

As the number of available crops grows, the plows of land that you have will never seem enough, and that is when planning comes into mind: consider the orders that you have in the queue, the items you’re stocked on already (usually animal food in my case) and plant accordingly: maybe a full set of cotton now, and mix the wheat with corn later. It all depends on what is required of you because storage is limited.

How to increase storage
Unfortunately, it’s mostly a random game here: you get construction materials by train, but you don’t control what materials you’re getting so you can only keep sending trains in and out until you get what you want.

It might take a while, so plan accordingly and always have room for extra supplies if they are needed.

Complete achievements
The easiest way to get some premium bucks is to complete achievements. Tap the city hall (big building to the right, surrounded by pine trees) and you will bring up the achievements.

Check them out and focus on completing them one at a time, starting with the easiest one. And even if you don’t pay too much attention to them, you will still complete them eventually as you naturally play the game.

Expand your land
It’s never too early to expand your land, especially since the first expansions are really cheap.

It might seem that you have a lot of land at first, but you will soon run out of space, especially if you’re heavy on the decorating part, so make sure that you have all the space that you need when a new building pops up and you have to build it.

Right now, these are our tips and tricks for Township. Do you have other suggestions and strategies? Let us know by commenting below!

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Township Cheats: Tips & Tricks (iPhone, iPad)


  1. Game just keeps collapsing on me, goes to black screen then goes completely , just since new up date. Cant play anymore deletes what I’ve done before . Help !!!!!

    • click the editing icon at the bottom of your screen, then click the icon that looks like a house being put into a box. that is your temporary storage for non decor. It might be in there.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Hey everyone if you need help with this game at all please feel Free to ask, I am on level 33 and I know how long it takes.
    Janelle yoghurt is made at the cheese factory and you need four milk bottles to do this, Mic I don’t see how it could just disappear that’s really strange.
    Please contact me for anything that you may need in the future I’m also on Facebook if that helps :) it is a really good game and the only one I have on my iPad

    • Hi Tyler, I just noticed that I am not being paid coins when I send out the trains. I get them when I fill orders & send them by helicopter. Is it suppose to be this way. If it is, it is not worth doing all the wok and the expense to send out the trains.

    • Hi, hope you are still playing? What is your name? I’ll try to find you on Game Center or facebook, will add you for township. Thanks!

    • When you get a train in full of construction then it goes in the barn what do you next sell it or keep it in the barn until you have enough to complete a building I have loads of unfinished buildings

    • What ingredients do I need for burgers? I’m buildingthe fast food store and I have burger orders. I want to start stocking the crops and material to go into production as soon as the fast food store is complete. Thx.

    • Hi! You know how you can get those township dollars by watching videos? I sent mine to the trash by mistake and they don’t pop up anymore. Please help

      • Same thing that happened to me so I googled it and finally came across the Townships Service page, they stated that it can either pop back up every 24hpurs instead of every hour or it will take up to a month or longer for it to come back which really sucks and makes me want to stop playing and make a new one.

        • Example to feed animals when you have no slot in barn:
          Make bag of cow feed in your mill, and you have empty barn slots.
          OR in barn click on something easy to replace and sell it. Now you have free slot.
          A. If necessary, add 1 bag of cow feed from mill to barn. This feeds 3 cows.
          B. collect 1 milk bottle from cow shed
          C. feed 1 cow
          Repeat A B C, 2 more times, then start over for the other 3 cows.
          Then you have can do this trick again for other animals.

      • Instead of keeping all your items in the barn…keep some of them at the factories.. This will give you some extra space at the barn the only disadvantage is that you will not get notified immediately when you have all the items required when an order is filled so you have to actually look a the orders and go to the factories and just pick what you need so you can get it filled from the barn

    • Hi Tyler…Help if you can please! I accidentally hit the red X on my fast food restaurant when I went to place it. Now I can’t seem to find it or bring it back. Any way of finding where it is or how I can get a replacement. I don’t mind paying thecoins again; I just want my fast food restaurant back. Any chance one can be won at the House of Luck? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

      • you shouldn’t have lost the coins when you hit the button. when I build factories, I hit the x button sometimes if I notice I don’t have enough space or am low on coins, and it just cancels the placement. It doesn’t steal your coins. unless you had a glitch. go to your construction hat, and hit factories, then try and place the it again.

    • Hen I am trying to o things in the factory it says I don’t have enough of an item but there are some in my barn. How do I use what is in my barn?

  3. Hi,
    Another tip I’ve learned is figure out what takes the longest to grow or make. Always keep those in stock!! I set it up lately to do a lot of these at night while I sleep so it doesn’t slow down all your orders as much. The only draw back is that I no sooner get them stocked up then the orders wipe them all out. The higher levels take a lot more building supplies to finish your buildings and take up a lot of storage. So I don’t store much wheat or corn as it can be grown fast. I always have it in my garden and just keep replenishing it as I use it. Strawberries, trees, cocao, rubber plants, peppers, silk all take time to grow so I always keep these stocked and watch to replace it constantly as they take so long to grow and can tie up a lot of your garden. My garden always has wheat, corn, cotton, tomatoes, sugarcane, strawberries and carrots in it as they grow fairly fast and get used more. Then I cut down areas to grow for orders. It’s figuring out what to store and how much in your barn that seems to help the most. Then what to grow at night or produce in your factories to start your day and have things run smooth. Don’t know if you do this or if it will help but it’s working pretty good for me so far.

    • Click on the green 4-arrow icon in lower left to bring up roads and landscape menu. Choose the first ine, lanscape, then choose grass or dirt and click on the eater spots to cover them up

  4. when you have all your factories full and more than one are complete can you complete more than one at the same time or just one at a time? if it is one at a time this game takes forever any suggestions to make it go a little faster?

  5. Hey my friend gets to view free adverts and gets rewarded with a dollar but I don’t seem to be awarded any adverts in order to get free dollar even though I’m now level 35 what do you in order to watch advets on the game? Is there something I need to allow access to?? Would like to be rewarded with dollar in the same way as my friend any help would be very welcome thank you in advance

  6. Awesome game. Love it. The only one I play.
    How do I get more Green bucks to expand my boxes ?
    I plant until I can’t anymore and make great progress.
    I love the decorations and have planted lots of trees and wild flowers.
    I love to help my friends too!!!!!!!!!!
    I have the prettiest town ever.
    Thanks for the tip about planting flowers………….I never knew !

  7. Hello everyone,

    I keep playing and I have noticed that in the airport window there is a box that says “Next Order” and shows two types of products; but it doesn’t coincide whit the next order, is it supposed to be that way? Please help


  8. My son bought the second sheep farm, & I don’t want it. I can’t figure out how to sell it, & it won’t let me just store it to get it out of the way. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  9. i love township and i also plant the stuff that takes the longest ti grow at night when i go to sleep!! i am totally addicted to this game!! Some things seem a bit expensive either coins or bucks..i just wish i didnt run out so quickly…wanna add me add me on facebook and then message me that u play (kimberly buffarini) i should be hard to find not too many with that name (profile pic is 6 ladies)

  10. Help! Lately I’ve noticed if I swipe more than one item to put in my barn it is not putting all of my items in my barn. They just disappear! Its frustrating when some of the items take 4 hours or more to grow. Any ideas or what to do or what not to do? Anyone else come across this?

  11. ive sent for 999,999 town cash and 999,999 town coins and I didn’t get them but yet I did everything that got said to do I cant do anything on the game now because of it

  12. I have got a good tip
    When you buy the laboratory and you have enough cristals the best thing to spend them on is fields doubler which makes your fields grow twise as many crops.
    After that you can plant the most expensive crop you have unlocked when it grow you will take the double of what you normally take.
    What I have done is that I planted trees which cost 15 coins, I have 33 fields times 15 by 33 and double that. So I had 990 coins in only 3 hours (because trees need 3 hours to grow)
    I hope you understood me ; and I hope this helped

  13. Hi! I would like to ask, if you didn’t get to finish the stocks in the plane and ran out of time so the plane’s gone. The goods in that plane will be sent and still give you points or the goods will be sent without giving points? Thanks.

    • I think you get points for each pair finished, which makes the green light next to them turn on.
      Unfortunately, when this happened to me I was filling orders by columns.

  14. Hayley- you have to send ships from your port to Frutus Isle in order to get peaches. You can also get watermelons and plums from this island.

  15. I am on level 45. I have received no bricks since level 36? I fill all my orders but still no bricks. How else can I get some? There are none for sale in the market. I cannot request them at the co op.
    My barn is full of all other building materials but I cannot complete any of my community vuildings etc. I am stuck, cannot progress as I cannot get more people.

  16. I agree with the brick shortage. It’s so bad that I have 7 incomplete buildings on level 41, enough glass and slabs for all of them, but maybe one train in five has a single brick on it. I’m considering deleting the game as my population is completely stalling on me as a result.

    • Hi dana
      I dont know if youve figured it out yet but roads are removed the same way theyre built…. tap once to build the road and tap again to remove it… if you build a road and change your mind later open the road menu and select the road icon then tap the road you want to remove

  17. Hi guys I’m new at this but I got hooked right away. Where else can you get township bucks aside from buying or from house of luck, watching videos, floating balloons.

    • As you progress they will come often add as many friends as possible. They are also a huge help I have 5 friends that I give a gift to daily and in return they do the same so that 5 bucks a day

  18. Love this game!! I’ve been looking at other peoples towns and have noticed that they have a few different decorations that I don’t and I’m on a higher level than them. One is the blue balloon shaped like a dog and another is a water fountain placed in the water with the numbers 123 on it. How do I get those??? I’m on level 41 and others are still in the 30s with those decorations

    • Those decorations were obtained as prizes for participating/completing the Events. For instance, you got a Snow Ball decorations for completing the highest level of the Christmas Event.

      If you don’t participate/complete, then you can only get those decorations by buying them for TCash (and only during a specific time when the event is running). Other than that, there is no way to get them, I’m afraid.

  19. What I do it I keep my feed mills fully stocked on shelves aND in the query. So I’m always collecting product and filling boxes. I split my mills into three one cows one chickens and one sheep pigs and honey. It helps keep track of what I actually need to keep in my barn wheat corn carrots and cotton. Everything else is a gimme. Simple game.

    • What I do it I keep my feed mills fully stocked on shelves aND in the query. So I’m always collecting product and filling boxes. I split my mills into three one cows one chickens and one sheep pigs and honey. It helps keep track of what I actually need to keep in my barn wheat corn carrots and cotton. Everything else is a gimme. Simple game.

  20. I accidentally delete the man that shows the videos this morning and he hasn’t come back. How do I get him back? Please help, I need him.
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Hey my friend gets to view free adverts and gets rewarded with a dollar but I don’t seem to be awarded any adverts in order to get free dollar even though I’m now level 60 what do you in order to watch advets on the game? Is there something I need to allow access to?? Would like to be rewarded with dollar in the same way as my friend any help would be very welcome thank you in advance

  22. I have what is probably a simple question. I have not yet been able to understand how the population grows. I’m guessing it might have something to do with building houses and factories?

    • Yes Margaret. Once you build a house it adds more population. It may require you to build a new building first though. If u click on the house it will let you know if you need to build a certain building before you can build a house. Hope this helps

  23. i see a lot of comments here by people not being able to finish their community buildings because they aren’t receiving all the materials, heaps of some but none of others. i did read in the Township forum (they have an official site) that it’s highly recommended you build and complete ONE building at a time or the algorithms will be thrown out and incorrect supplies sent. i made the same mistake at the beginning…building them as they were made available. i ended up biting the proverbial bullet and bought/paid t-cash to complete them and now run at one each time which works much better. You still end up with a few extras for some stuff but keep it for the next building. If you are getting nothing but, say, bricks and you have way more than you need, sell some off. This may trigger the game to send you something else.

    If your barn is full and you can’t expand, get your factories going with as many products as they can make. For for example, every one jar of jam takes about 3 bushels of fruit to make. Also check out to see what other players are needing help with, you may be able to unload some product and earn coin and a lucky clover for it at the same time. if worse comes to worse, you can always sell off products straight from the barn. Never sell building materials unless you have way too many of the one thing.

    For new players, i recommend going to to the Township site and read up a bit on how to do things.

  24. I use sugarcane to build up coins much faster and easier than dealing with towns folks orders lol also buy everything from your market man he gives you free stuff sometimes too
    Join a coop dhare goods with others in the go op
    Help fill as many train and plane boxes of random people you I get over 200 clovers a day to use in the house of luck
    Upgrade your rain line first then the feed mills then the dairy and sugar and bakery after that upgrade whatever is most annoying

  25. Hello fellow Township friend, I love this game. I’m Serena in #Teamwork team.

    I need your help, I’ve found myself a bit stuck. My population isn’t increasing quick enough.

    Do I gain population when I buy the communities?

    Or can I skip buy the communities?

    Just wondering because I want to save my cousins so I can purchase my Coffeshop but I need my towns populations to populate.


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