Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe


Tower of Fantasy is an amazing open-world game that takes inspiration from Genshin Impact to provide a massive game for mobile players to enjoy. The game has a ton of features including gathering recipes to prepare meals at a cooking station.

The recipes in Tower of Fantasy often come in handy when things become tough in the game. In this case, restoring your Satiety will help you recover health outside of combat. However, using healing meals while you’re in or about to enter combat can you the edge in an intense battle. So, here’s how to get the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Tower of Fantasy


The Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe is a good healing meal that you can craft at a cooking station and you can find it early on in Tower of Fantasy. You can get the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe from the game’s Creation tab at a cooking station and you can also purchase it easily from a Food Vendor.

If you’re in Banges Dock, you can see a food stand with a large sign that says “Hot Pizza Fast Food,” but that’s not what you’re looking for just yet. Instead, use the stairs to the right of that location and you’ll find another food stand with a tire as its sign.

Then once you’re at the counter next to Collie, you’ll see Margarette. Walk up to her and speak to her. You’ll see she has the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe for sale at 1,000 Gold. This recipe can only be purchased once, so if you already have it, you won’t be able to buy another one.

Once you’ve successfully secured the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe, below are the ingredients you need to make the Crispy Chicken Burger:

• One Homi Grain

• One Poultry Meat

• One Lettuce

These ingredients are easy to come by as well, as long as you explore the open world you should find them quickly. Eating the Crispy Chicken Burger will grant you seven Satiety and recover 12% of your health with an additional 2,500, so it’s a pretty helpful meal to have on you when things go south.

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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe


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