Take back your kingdom! Tower Knights is an interesting blend of the action RPG and tower defense genres. Reinforce your tower with a variety of defenses, and take matters into your own hands by taking control of a hero to fight your enemies head on. We’ll help you seize the invaders and win back the kingdom with our Tower Knights cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Place your Booby Traps first!


The booby trap towers will drop a sandbag on an enemy that walks underneath it. It’ll probably outright kill that single enemy, but afterwards, the sandbag will remain in place for a couple more seconds. This prevents any other enemies from advancing. You can use this to your advantage by putting the booby trap at the bottom level, then putting attacking towers above it, such as the fireball tower. Thinning out the enemy forces while holding them at bay is key to making sure you don’t get overrun!

2. Place your towers in the optimal positions!

Going off of the first tip, you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of your towers, and this is done by ensuring that they’re placed properly. For example, the Rocket Tower is unlocked after the fireball and booby trap towers. This tower fires powerful rockets but can only target distant enemies. This means that if you place it somewhere near the bottom of your castle, it won’t be able to fire that often, if at all. A better place for it to be would be near the top floors of your castle.

3. Back off if you’re wounded!

Your hero will regenerate their health slowly over time, so if you’ve taken too much of a beaten back off for a moment and let your towers do the work. If you’ve got the essence, you can also summon a unit for back up until your rested enough to jump back into the fray.

4. Watch your essence!

Spending your essence on the right things at the right time is key to holding the enemy back. If you’ve got enemies pushed up half way through your castle, you may want to consider summoning some units to help you fight them directly. If you’ve got a big space cleared out, you can keep upgrading the towers to keep it that way. Assess the situation and spend your essence accordingly!

5. You have two free extra lives!

Should your main hero fall in battle, you’ll have the option to revive for free once if you watch a short 15 or 30 second advertisement. We recommend taking this option, as it’s essentially a free life. Once you use this though, you cannot revive for free anymore for that level. If you fall again you’ll need to pay up the gems. So, if you really need to, you can take the hit if it means you’ll win a level!

That’s all for Tower Knights! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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