Tower Boxing is a brand new skill based game available on iPhone and iPad that challenges you to destroy as many levels as possible from an endless building. Since you only have a limited amount of time available, things are a bit more complicated than they sound, and we are here to make them easier with a complete set of Tower Boxing cheats and tips for the perfect strategy guide.

So if you are having trouble scoring enough points to climb up the leaderboards and you can’t even get past the first 100, read on our Tower Boxing guide and hopefully things will improve.

1. Start out slow
You have to learn the mechanics in Tower Boxing first, and that will take you a while. Don’t worry about the countdown timer at first and just play to get your fingers and brain used with the controls and how the game plays. Your goal for a long while will be to get a game over because you run out of time, not because you hit an obstacle. Slowly increase your pace as you feel more confident on your skills.

2. Ignore the coins
I know that seeing those shiny coins makes you want to switch lanes immediately and collect them, but there are many games to be played and you will automatically collect coins along the way anyway. So completely ignore the coins during the level and focus only on spotting and avoiding the obstacles: this should be your main and only concern.

3. Pick up the pace
You can’t get past 100 (and more) points unless you really tap the sides of your display really fast. Every time you tap, the time meter fills a little bit, but in order to keep it full, you need to tap very fast otherwise you’ll be losing time. So when you consider yourself familiar with the control scheme, start tapping very fast to keep the timer running. This is your promotion to the pro league.

4. Always go for clean areas
My strategy is to move my character to the other side as soon as I see no obstacle there. This works slightly better than making the swap when you are exactly below the incoming obstacle, but it has its drawbacks too when there are obstacles in quick succession on both sides. In such cases, you have to slow down a little bit and plan your moves. Just make sure you don’t spend too much time thinking it through!

5. Get new characters
The coins that you collect during your destructive gameplay can be spent on purchasing new characters to play as. Unfortunately, the new characters don’t change the game too much, it’s just a different persona you’re playing as. However, there are some really cool ones to unlock so it’s worth playing over and over again until you get your favorite characters and see them bust their moves in the game.

Tower Boxing is a game where your skill and power of concentration, as well as the quick eye-hand coordination matter the most. Keep practicing and playing the game until you manage to find your rhythm and you’ll easily start getting over 100 constantly and slowly climb up. Good luck!


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