It’s time to become a hero! A touchdown hero, that is! Touchdown Hero is the ultimate self-proclaimed “tackle-avoider”! Guide your hero throughout the field, dodge all opposition, and become a hero! We’ll help you accomplish that with our Touchdown Hero cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Utilize your slow-motion ability as much as possible!

If you let go of the screen, the game will activate slow-motion. During this time, the field will turn dark and everything will be moving in slow-motion: you and your opponents! Use this time to plan out your next move, because once you retake control of your hero again, the game will resume at normal speed. Use this whenever you’re about to run into a sticky situation, as your slow-motion bar refills very quickly.

2. Use swift but sure swipes!

Your hero will move alongside your finger as you swipe him around the field. Be sure to control your movement though; don’t move too fast, otherwise you might end up slamming right into one of those big guys!

3. Spin to avoid the little guys!

If you swipe your hero past one of the regular defenders, but just barely scrape him, you’ll get by! Your hero will automatically do a spin to juke the defender, letting you go past freely. However, don’t think about trying this on the big guys. They’ll see right through you and stop you on the point.

4. Unlock more teams!

You can change your team by tapping the button on the main menu. There are no gameplay-changes between the teams, it’s all just cosmetic, but fun nonetheless! Each team has a specific unlock requirement, which you can check by selecting the team. Basically you just need to make as many touchdowns as possible. Unlock them all!

5. Focus, concentrate, and take a step back when necessary!

Is this game classified as an endless runner? Who knows, but it’s a lot like Flappy Bird, that’s for sure. That means that this can get kind of frustrating pretty quickly. Just keep your cool, focus, utilize your slow-motion ability, and spot the holes in the defense! If you’re losing your concentration just take a break and come back to it later.

Remember: you have a superpower that the defenders don’t! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


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