Touch Fish Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for the Perfect Fish Tank


I really can’t believe that a game that challenges me to take care of a fish tank can be so absolutely wonderful. Yet, there it is, Touch Fish (or, TouchFish to use its correctly spelled name) has been released and it’s an absolutely amazing game that I am sure you are enjoying too. There are a million and a half (more or less) things to do in the game and I am here to share with you all the Touch Fish cheats and tips for the ultimate Strategy Guide and, in the end, for the perfect fish tank right on your iPhone or iPad.

So let’s not waste any time, there’s a lot to learn in Touch Tap Play’s Touch Fish tips and cheats guide!

1. Learn the controls first
For some reason, I found that getting used to the way of controlling the game was one of the most difficult parts of the game – and I kept discovering things hours after starting the game, simply because nobody told me, in game, about them. Things like Bumper fish, visiting other tanks and much, much more are all out there and they are swipes or taps away. Explore the game, explore all the options, swipe and check out everything in the game’s menu. You will be surprised to find out how many secrets (or, better said, things you were not told about) are there in Touch Fish.

2. Complete the missions
You should focus on completing the missions first, they will act as a good tutorial for you and you’ll get used with the tons of menus and things available for purchase in the game, as well as interacting with your Buddy Fish.

3. Fill your tank with fish
You can buy a huge variety of fish for your tank and make sure you do so in order to generate as much money as possible to spend on purchasing other things. There are somethings that you should consider when it comes to buying extra fish for your tank in Touch Fish:

– Just like your BuddyFish, they will grow up and can go hungry. They need to be taken care of and the more you have, the more money you will make from them.
– Better fish take more time to grow up, but they also give you the best rewards. Try to mix and match fast fish (those generating money quickly) with slower fish that you can collect less often from, but larger amounts.
– Collect from your fishies as soon as possible because money does not add up. The sooner you collect, the faster you can start producing even more money by buying new fish and waiting for them to mature.
– When you feed the fish, keep tapping the feeder until the inventory Icon turns green. This is when all the fish are completely fed.

4. Add more friends
Connecting your game to your Facebook account is the first step to getting the most out of Touch Fish. Adding more friends who play the game and are active gives you a ton of benefits, allows you to visit them and allows them to visit your tank and feed your fish and so on. Playing this game with at least a few active friends is a must!

5. Store everything you don’t like
Some of the mission requirements are pretty awful in terms of design, but you have to complete them. Immediately after completion, if you don’t want to keep the items you had to purchase, simply sell them or store them in your inventory. You don’t have to keep them all active – it’s your fish tank, you build it as you want to!

6. Play for your own pleasure
This is not a game that you have to play to get better at, to win or something like this. Touch Fish is truly an experience, a title that you have to enjoy, that you build for yourself and that you must play for your own pleasure. Just let it run near you, enjoy the beautiful fishes in your tank and complete missions, decorate as you want to and smile to your Buddy Fish through your device’s camera to keep it happy. It’s great games like this one that make life beautiful!

This would be for now everything that we have in terms of tips and tricks for this charming game. If you need more TouchFish cheats or tips, ask below and we’ll help if we can.

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Touch Fish Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for the Perfect Fish Tank


  1. I have a mission for Poke Play. I have tried everything and still haven’t accomplished the mission. Some help with this would be much appreciated. :)

    • To destroy the tank with the beach ball, select the beach ball and then turn on the gravity option- it’s the icon in the lower left that looks like an apple. You want the apple with the lines going up and down. Then move the ball to a high spot near other decorations and hit the green check and watch it drop and run into other stuff.

  2. anyone else have trouble with the twitch mission? Every time I go to another stream I never complete the mission. Any idea as to what I’m doing wrong?

    • Hi Zonarona. In game please swipe inward the right side of the screen to enter the Journal. Then tap on My Fish. Here you should be able to find your BuddyFish. Tap on her to drop her into your current tank. If you still can’t find your BuddyFish please send me an email including your Game Center ID or Support Id so I can investigate your issue and bring back your Buddy. Please click on this link for detailed information where to find your Support ID:
      Thank you.
      TouchFish Support Team
      E-mail: [email protected]

  3. Hi there!
    I like the game very mutch but i have some trouble to make the things, that i place, plants and stuf. When i try it with two fingers, de plant (for exaple) only shakes but not get any bigger at all.
    I hope you can help me with that!

    From the netherlands!

  4. I recently lost my game after updating my iPad. I had a message which asked me if I wanted to go to the online game or the saved game. I can’t remember which one I pressed, but clearly it was the wrong one because I found myself back at the beginning having to start all over again. I had got as far as the pirate cove background and had some wonderful fish lemon peel fish that were bright yellow, loads of gold and silver. Slowly climbing up again, but was very sad to find I had lost about a year’s worth of playing.


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