Top Mods in Need for Speed: Unbound

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Need for Speed: Unbound is here, and you can already find mods that make the in-game experience even better. Set in Chicago-inspired Lakeshore City, the game continues down the established open-world race-focused path, but it also comes with a bunch of customization options.

In case you’re not completely satisfied with what the base game offers in terms of personalization or user experience, you’re in the right place. We have compiled a list of our top mods in Need for Speed: Unbound to help you with the search.

Comic Reshade

comic reshade mod need for speed unbound
Image via Altra

Those who like the feel and the visuals of cel-shaded games can have that experience in Need for Speed: Unbound as well thanks to this mod. The game seen through this mod looks quite amazing indeed, so if this aesthetic is your vibe, make sure to try this mod out.

Camera Toolkit

Camera mod Need for Speed Unbound
Image via Archie

In-game cameras often leave much to be desired, but that’s where camera mods help. This mod comes with several different features, including hiding HUD for better in-game shots, removing all vinyl restrictions, or changing the game speed, but it doesn’t work on trial or cracked versions of the game.

CHR Unbound Reshade

CHR Unbound mod Need for Speed Unbound
Image via Conorka

Mods are great aspects of the gaming experience because die-hard fans use them to make the base game even better. That was the inspiration behind the CHR Unbound Reshade mod—Need for Speed: Unbound already looks quite amazing, but with some clever sharpening and filter use, this mod brings the visuals to a new level without a big drop in performance.

Unbound Reshade

Unbound Reshade mod for Need for Speed Unbound
Image via OncleVador

Another mod that focuses on the visuals, Unbound Reshade brings better lighting to the game. The results look quite incredible, bringing brighter and crisper images that feel more realistic. Still, to use it, you will need to download another mod first (Reshade).

Dilla’s CAS Two Time Pass Color Reshade

Dilla's CAS Two Time Pass Color Reshade mod Need for Speed Unbound
Image via nubbeldilla

This mod is targeting 8-bit monitors that don’t support HDR. With the help of Dilla’s mod, the game looks sharper and more colorful. If your game seems somewhat greyish or washed out, this mod is worth giving a try, but you will need Reshade first like for the previous mod in our list.

As time goes by, you can expect many more mods for Need for Speed: Unbound, but tread carefully. Make sure to follow installation instructions carefully and let us know what you think.

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Top Mods in Need for Speed: Unbound


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