Have you ever wanted to drive on the world famous Top Gear Test Track? Well now’s your chance! Top Gear: Extreme Parking puts you behind the wheel of cars from the popular TV show to compete in themed obstacle courses. Test your driving skills with the help of our Top Gear: Extreme Parking cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Change the controls if you wish!


The default controls are set to button layout. During gameplay, you can pause the game and open the settings menu to change the control scheme. There are wheel and tilt controls. Try them all out and see which one you like the best, as precise control is extremely important in this game!

2. Try a new perspective!

That funky little band-aid object at the top right corner of the screen is actually your camera control. Its default setting is a behind-the-car perspective, indicated by the very bottom arrow. The ^ with a circle around it is first person view. The dot with the arrow pointing into it is a zoomed out top-down view. The arrows around that one are angled perspectives. Try them all out and see which one is comfortable for you, but keep in mind they also might come in handy during the parking levels where you need to be extremely precise with car positioning.

3. Go swiftly and steadily for Precision!

For the Precision levels, you need to pass a certain amount of checkpoints and park at a designated spot. Patience and slow speeds are the name of the game here, as these levels are often setup in a fashion where obstacles are plenty. Just a single tap on any kind of obstacle will bring the whole run to an end, so you need to be perfect! However, don’t go too slow, as there are par times you need to meet in order to get all three stars on the level.

4. Destroy ’em all in Destruction!

Destruction levels are the exact opposite of Precision levels: you get to knock into everything in sight! They’re usually straightaway track with barrels and other destructible objects lined throughout the way. Drive straight into these things and destroy everything; you want to make sure the progress bar says 100% before you reach the end. If it doesn’t, you’re missing objects to blow up!

5. Go fast for Stig!

The Stig levels are probably the closest things to actual races in this game. Stig will race ahead of you and you need to keep up with him. They’re identical to Precision track layouts, but with less of a focus on tight, precise driving. Just be sure to avoid the cones – hitting one causes you to lose 5 seconds off the clock! Reach the checkpoints fast enough to get time boosts. Oh, remember not to crash into any objects too, as that will bring the run to an end!

6. Grab as many stars as you can!

Some levels can be a pain to try to replay, but you’re going to want to as you need all the stars to unlock the rest of the cars. The only other option is through in-app purchases, but don’t do that when you can unlock them the free way! Just keep practicing and reach for those sub-zero stars!

With this guide and all of your ultimate skills, you should be ready for the track. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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