Top Drives is a fun and unique new game where your collectible card game skills and car knowledge will be put to the ultimate test! Open booster packs to earn cards of real-world cars, then put them to the test by racing them in various challenges! Our Top Drives cheats and tips will hone your skills and help you become the ultimate car manager!

Top Drive is all about knowing what your cars are up against and which car is right for the job, so ourĀ Top Drives cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will help you make informed decisions!


Watch for the highlighted stats!

Just want to watch the races unfold? Here’s a little quick visual tip – when you’re selecting your cars for the races, pay attention to which stats are highlighted at the bottom of the screen. The box on the left will tell you which stats are important for the currently selected race, and the relevant stats will be highlighted blue for your car list. Each car will have the relevant stats highlighted, but pay attention – some of them will be brighter than others. This means that the car has the best stats in the category, so an easy way to make a decision is to just pick whichever car has the most highlighted stats.

Pay attention to the course info!

When selecting the next course to tackle, you’re only given a few pieces of information that can help you decide on which cars to bring. The first is weather – you can see if the tracks will be sunny or rainy. Rain will make the tracks slippery, so cars with high Grip will excel. The second is surface – this will tell you what your cars will be driving on. On-Road means exactly what it sounds like, while Mixed means you’ll be on and off-road. If you’re going into a Mixed course, be sure the majority of your cars are 4WD for maximum off-roading.

These two bits of info are the only things you get before committing to a course, so it’s good to take heed! You can also load up the course and see exactly what you’re up against, but be warned – backing out at that point is still considered a race so all of your cars will lose a service point.

Open your mystery gifts!

We know this is fairly obvious, but it’s SO important it bears repeating. The Mystery Gift is a free booster pack of cars that you can open once every 24 hours. You usually won’t get anything higher than an uncommon from these mystery gifts, but you will get a lot of common cars, maybe some bonus experience too.

Now, if you’re trying to upgrade one of your cars past the first Stage, you’ll need to actually unlock the upgrade first. You do this by sacrificing three other cars. Now you see why it’s important to have a bunch of extra low-tier cars?

We emphasize the Mystery Gift because it’s free. Try not to spend your cash on the car packs because upgrading, in addition to the extra car sacrificing, costs a lot of cash over time and you’re going to need a lot.

Don’t worry about the stars!

There are three stars to earn on each course, and you get them by performing well. If you lose one of the races, you’ll lose points and if you lose enough you can actually miss a star, so nothing is set in stone until the very last race! You can get more points the faster your cars beat your opponents. The amount of stars you end up with at the end determines how many bonus cards you can flip over, and it also goes towards unlocking new circuits.

If you can’t get all the stars on your first run through, don’t worry about it. Sometimes it’s just way too hard due to how this game is setup, but there’s nothing stopping you from coming back later with souped-up cars.

That’s all for Top Drives! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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