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Top 5 Underrated Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Top 5 Underrated Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom
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Cookie Run: Kingdom is currently celebrating its first anniversary. Ever since it came out last year, the game has been introducing adorable Cookies every season. Last season, we saw the addition of Frost Queen Cookie (a legendary cookie), Cocoa Cookie, and Cotton Cookie.

The new season, War Under Shattered Skies, has already unveiled the new Cookies: Tea Knight Cookie and Eclair Cookie.

Of course, the sheer number of Cookies will have you spoilt for choices. To make your selection easier, we’ve handpicked some of the most underrated Cookies in the game.

Cookie Run Kingdom: 5 Underrated Cookies That You Need to Check Out

Here are some Cookies that might make great additions to your squad!

Squid Ink Cookie

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Image via Cookie Run: Kingdom

This cute little octopus-shaped Cookie was added along with the Sorbet Shark Cookie in one of the early updates. Sorbet Shark Cookie quickly got famous because of its lethal ambush skills. Meanwhile, the Squid Ink Cookie was kind of overlooked.

The Squid Ink Cookie vanishes every few seconds, turns up behind the enemies as a jumbo squid, and slaps them with its extra-large tentacles. The perks of having Squid Ink Cookie is that it dodges attacks when it’s behind enemies. In Guild Battles, it deals significant damage to the dragon.

Kumiho Cookie

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Image via Cookie Run: Kingdom

The Kumiho Cookie is a rather interesting Cookie. She switches between a fox-shaped marshmallow and a regular Cookie throughout the battle. The Charge Cookie transforms herself into a Cookie and causes area damage. While switching back to the fox form, she fires 5 fox flames towards enemies to deal additional damage.

Madeleine Cookie

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Image via Cookie Run: Kingdom

You need a strong defense Cookie in your squad. Most players go for the Avocado Cookie or some other Defense Cookie. However, Madeleine Cookie can do more than just shield the enemies. The Cookie provides ranged attacks for all the Cookies in the team with Celestial Light.

Snow Sugar Cookie

summoner cookies
Image via Cookie run: Kingdom

Summoner Cookies are always great to have on your team since they essentially boost the number of members on your squad for a few seconds. Snow Sugar Cookie summons the Blizzard King, who freezes the enemies with cold winds and also acts as a shield for the rest of the squad. The Seamstress’ Pincushion treasure will make your summoned allies stay for a longer duration.

Werewolf Cookie

cookie run kingdom underrated cookies
Image via Cookie Run: Kingdom

The Werewolf Cookie is another shape-shifter Cookie in the Charge Class. During the attack, the Cookie can turn itself into a wolf and charge at the enemies. In wolf form, the Cookie deals 2x damage and has more HP. The Werewolf Cookie causes massive area damage. If you are in the early game, then this is the best Charge Cookie.

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Top 5 Underrated Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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