Top 5 Cool Minecraft Houses (2022)

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Minecraft is a fantasy sandbox game where players can make their fantasies come true. Starting from the construction of simple huts to the reconstruction of entire cities. The arsenal of builders is constantly updated with new materials. In this guide, we will tell you about 5 cool ideas for houses.

Top 5 Cool Houses in Minecraft

We propose to consider the first cool house in the traditional Japanese style. The main materials for its construction are several types of logs and boards. And in combination with jade roof blocks, it creates the feeling of an authentic Japanese house. You can also complete it with a bamboo garden.

In second place is the underground house. Inside, you can arrange it in any style you want, while you will have a lot of advantages compared to land-based houses. Firstly, you will have access to caves and mines directly from the house. Secondly, the house is perfectly protected from external attacks. And third, you can expand your home almost endlessly.

The third cool house is for lovers of winter and Christmas. This is a small but rather high house built mainly from boards and logs, but with a cobblestone base. Such a house in snowy biomes creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Fourth on our list is the medieval house. A seemingly simple house made of stone and wood can be built from a variety of exotic materials, such as bone blocks. With a little experimenting, you can create a unique home in this style.

And the last cool house is this dwelling in the mountain in the shape of the moon. Just the appearance of this house will bring warmth to the soul. In addition, inside there are several floors on which you can place various furniture. This house is more for aesthetic pleasure than practicality. But just look at how beautiful it is.

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Top 5 Cool Minecraft Houses (2022)


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