Top 5 Best Superhero Skins in Fortnite

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When talking about superhero skins in Fortnite, it is easy to get into a heated discussion about DC vs Marvel, but this is not the article for that debate. We want to list which superhero skins are the best designs within perhaps the best value bundle packs. Some factors to take into consideration when trying to narrow down our search for the top 5 best superhero skins in Fortnite are accuracy, style, and value for money. We believe we have chosen the ultimate 5, let us know if you agree…

5 of the Best Superhero Skins in Fortnite

In no particular order, here are the Top 5 Superhero skins introduced to the world of Fortnite:

Batman Caped Crusader Bundle

For $15.99 you get two outfits, a glider, 2 styles of back bling, and a pickaxe:

fortnite caped crusader batman bundle
Batman’s Caped Crusader Bundle (Epic Games)
  • Batman Comic Book Outfit
  • Batman Comic Book Cape Back Bling
  • The Dark Knight Movie Outfit
  • The Dark Knight Movie Cloak Back Bling
  • Batman Pickaxe
  • Batman Glider

Harley Quinn Bundle

One man’s hero is another man’s villain… This bundle cost 2,000 V Bucks and consists of a Harley Quinn skin and 2 pickaxes, with the chance of completing challenges for an extra Harley style.

harley quinn bundle fortnite
Harley Quinn styles in Fortnite (Epic Games)

Harley Quinn’s Lil Monster style alone would cost 1,500 V Bucks, with the Harley Hitter and Punchline pickaxes costing another 800 V Bucks if bought separately. For only 500 more, players could get the full bundle and the chance to unlock Harley’s Always Fantabulous style too.

Iron Man

This Marvel skin was available to unlock in Chapter 2 Season 4’s Battle Pass, which costs 950 V Bucks. Getting to level 93 unlocked Tony Stark, and then players needed to unlock the Suit Up emote at level 100.

iron man marvel skin fortnite
Iron Man in Fortnite (Epic Games)

There were challenges to gain the Iron Man skin once it was unlocked at level 100, including driving a Whiplash car, using an upgrade bench, and finally using the Suit Up emote to turn into Iron Man.

Groot and Rocket Racoon

This is an unconventional choice and may not be everyone’s favorite, but if you are a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, this was one skin you wanted badly. Players had to reach level 38 in the Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass to unlock Groot, and then reach level 46 to unlock Groot’s challenges.

groot and rocket racoon fortnite
Groot and Rocket Racoon in Fortnite (Epic Games)

Rocket Racoon is a built-in emote used by Groot called “Battle Brother.” It can be unlocked by players who, using the Groot skin, go to plant a seed at a heart-shaped island and then emote. Rocket then appears on Groot’s shoulder.


The Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass offers not just one Spiderman style, not two or even three, but six different styles. Regular Spiderman in his iconic red and blue is unlocked first, then a black version, a white version, and then three colorful variations can be found as players progress through the Bonus Rewards section of the Battle Pass.

spiderman fortnite chapter 3
Spiderman in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Epic Games)

The Black Symbiote Suit is unlocked at Battle Pass Page 10 with 8 Battle Stars, while players have to wait until they reach Bonus Rewards page 2 to unlock the white Future Foundation version with 30 Battle Stars! Three variations are available on page 3 (Photo Negative), page 4 (Scarlet Blackout), and page 5 (Gilded Reality), each costing another 20 Battle Stars each.

spiderman variations fortnite2
Spiderman Variation Skins in Fortnite (Epic Games)

Let us know in the comments below what superhero skins are your favorite! Do you own any that have appeared in our list?

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Top 5 Best Superhero Skins in Fortnite


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