IGN, aka the in-game names in multiplayer videogame titles such as Among Us, can make the game more fun and interactive. While many players like having cool, weird, and even cute names in games, we have a bunch who seek funny names to make the gameplay experience livelier. 

Among Us is a social deduction multiplayer game that saw a massive rise in the player base during the lockdown last year and early 2021. There is a massive community of players who play the game over multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, and others. 

Having a funny name in Among Us will surely get the attention of many players, and you may even make a few online friends with whom you can play the game. 

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In this Among Us guide, we have gathered the twenty-five most funny names that you can keep as an alias. 

Top 25 Funny Among Us Names

Here are some of the funniest Among Us names suggestions that we came across while scrounging through the internet. 

  • HeIsImposter
  • Where?
  • ImInnocent
  • Skip
  • NotMe
  • YesItsMe
  • VoteMe
  • DontKillMe
  • Everyone
  • NotAThreat
  • Disconnected
  • Anonymous
  • KillMeIfYouCan
  • ImBatman
  • Imposter
  • ISawYouVented
  • Impasta
  • DoinMyTasks
  • Sus
  • FBI
  • VentCleaner
  • WasntMe
  • Someone
  • ItsYou
  • WhyMe

Among Us is currently available on iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

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Top 25 Funny Among Us Names



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