Top 10 Pac-Man 256 Cheats, Tips & Strategies for All Players


We have already shared with you some really useful Pac-Man 256 tips and tricks to help you score big in this amazing game, but if you want more, we’ve got more! We have played the game extensively and we have managed to create what I consider to be the best possible Pac-Man 256 tips article, sharing the top 10 tips and strategies you need to know in order to get the best possible score and have the most fun.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out Touch Tap Play’s top 10 Pac Man 256 cheats and tips!

1. The time lapse cheat
One of the biggest advantages you can get in the game is by using the time lapse cheat: when you run out of credits or you want to rush an upgrade of your power-ups, simply go to your device’s settings and set the time forward. But have in mind that you can still play the game without power-ups, but you can’t use continues or power-ups.

2. Know your enemy
Extremely important for a long run and a super high score is to know exactly how each of the ghosts acts. In case you don’t, we have a list for you below which will surely help:

Red (Blinky): he chases Pac-Man, but he’s really slow so not really a threat unless you run into another ghost coming from the opposite direction.
Pink (Pinky): I really dislike this one, as it is very fast and moves quickly towards you when you cross its path (either vertically or horizontally) so make sure that there’s a lot of space between you two when you have to go by it.
Grey (Spunky): He’s the one that’s always sleeping and will wake up when you get next to it. It doesn’t really have a pattern, and will fall asleep again soon, but you can never predict its movement once it wakes up
Orange (Clyde): This one always goes towards the bottom of the screen and follows the shortest route to go down. Easy to avoid if you can go left or right out of its way.
Blue (Inky): Each follows a preset route, “patrolling” a given area, so if you have time to learn it, you can easily avoit it.
Purple & Green: they always go in packs, but they only move horizontally.
Glitchy: He appears later on and will behave like a random ghost and it’s sometimes easy to guess by looking at his movement or lack of it thereof.

3. Spend some time to strategise
You don’t have a lot of time to spend thinking and planning your moves, but take advantage of every moment you can spare to do so: this means better scores and a longer run! When starting the game, look at the ghosts around you and plan your movement. Later on, if you hit a wall with Pac Man and don’t swipe in any direction, he will stop (and you won’t lose your dot counts): use this to look at patterns of the ghosts or wait for the right time to make your move.

4. Eat your dots
A dot a day keeps the Pac Doc away, but more result in the best high score! You get score multipliers for collecting a specific amount of dots (16, 32, 64, 128) and a super bonus if you manage to eat 256 dots in a row: you will destroy all the ghosts on the screen at that given time! So plan your moves so that you always eat some dots and never skip one, as it resets the counter.

5. Eat your fruit too!
Each fruit gives you a set number of points, plus a score multiplier for each dot that you eat. They all have different values: cherries give 60 points and 2x multiplier, while the green fruit gives you 180 points and 6x multiplier, but you really can’t be picky when playing, so you should go and eat as many as possible without risking your life.

6. Play without power-ups!
If you don’t like cheating (and this is really a game that has the lightest IAPs we’ve seen in a while), keep playing the game when you run out of credits! Even though your chances of scoring high scores are limited in such a case since you will play without power-ups and with no continues, all the dots that you eat will count towards unlocking new power-ups, so it’s not all lost. Plus, when playing without extra options, you really bring up your A game and improve your game tremendously.

7. Do you really want a continue but have no credits?
You can still get one if you wait a bit – simply let the game run for 10 minutes or as much as needed to get one extra energy, then turn on your device and use that credit to continue! Alternately, you can always take the offer to watch an ad and get that extra credit!

8. Upgrade your power-ups
The only reason why you’re collecting coins (yeah, so collect those too!) in the game is to upgrade the power-ups you are unlocking. Some are better than others, obviously, so focus on those that you really like. Out of the first three, find a favorite (mine is the laser, for example) and keep upgrading it, because you might unlock better ones later on, and since coins are hard to get, you shouldn’t waste them on upgrading power-ups you are not going to use.

9. The portals of invincibility
When passing through a portal (on the right, for example, to be ported to the left side or vice-versa), Pac Man enters in a state of invincibility and can’t be hurt by any ghost for a brief period of time, so have that in mind when you’re in trouble. But also have in mind that it also removes the effect of a pellet, so use them wisely!

10. Give movement instructions early on
A nice feature in the game is that if you swipe the screen right, for example, when Pac’s going up a long line, the first moment he’ll have the option to go right, he will do so. This way, you can give instructions early on to make sure that you don’t miss a swipe or swipe a bit too late if you’re in a “chicken” game with a ghost.

We believe that this is as extensive as it gets, but if you have more tips and tricks to share with fellow Pac Man 256 players, let us know by commenting below!

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Top 10 Pac-Man 256 Cheats, Tips & Strategies for All Players


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