With the Tome of the Sun missing, the Shadow World is now free to wreck havoc upon the world. Take control of an immortal hero in Tome of the Sun, an exciting action RPG. Slash your way to victory and learn powerful new skills along the way. Tame a pet and befriend to have a trusty battle companion. We’re here with some general tips to become a strong hero, so let’s get started with our Tome of the Sun cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Choose the hero that matches your playstyle

  • The Knight and Duelist are both close range fighters that excel in staying in the enemies’ face. They will strike hard and fast, and they’re a bit beefier than the other two classes as well. If you like durable fighters who last in the fight, try out these two!
  • The Mage and Archer prefer to stay in the back and take out their enemies from afar. While not as sturdy as the Knight and Duelist, these two dish out extreme damage if left alone. If you prefer decimating your enemies with powerful spells and ranged attacks, try these two out!

2. Complete the quests!

Your main story line quest is always shown in the little box at the bottom right corner. You should always be completing these quests, as they will reward you with much needed experience and coins. It’s also very easy to complete them! Just tap on the quest and your character will automatically go towards where they need to go.

3. Master the combat!

  • Skills must be equipped before you can use them in battle. Skills are powerful techniques that require energy to use. You can restore energy by normal attacking enemies. Use your skills as often as you like since regenerating energy is pretty easy. Also be on the look out for energy crystals! Enemies sometimes drop them upon defeat and they will restore a little bit of energy.
  • Double-tap to dodge roll. During the dodge animation, you are completely invincible! Use this to roll through attacks you know you won’t be able to avoid or for a swift reposition. It’s also useful against boss telegraphs. You know when they charge up big attacks and a big red circle appears? You can dodge roll to get out of the way quickly.
  • Smash your enemies! Sometimes when you land an attack on an enemy, the word “Smash!” will appear over their heads. If you slide your hero to the enemy, you’ll perform sort of an “execution” move. This super attack deals incredible damage, restores some of your health, and most of the time instantly kill your enemy. Smash your opponents at every opportunity you get!
  • You enable auto and semi auto for your character to move themself. Semi-auto will make your character move and attack enemies, but they won’t use any of their skills. Auto makes them use their skills. Be careful – in either mode, your character will not perform smash attacks or dodge rolls!

4. Claim your free pets!

Pets are partners that will help you during combat. Pets are invaluable, and you want to make sure you’re always bringing one along for the ride. To start you off, the tutorial quest will let you summon one normal pet for free. You can summon another normal pet for free every 24 hours. You can also summon a Super pet for free every 72 hours. Make sure to claim your free buddies as they’ll be a big help to you!

5. Collect the free rewards!

In addition to the pets, you can also collect a bunch of freebies in general for your character. Tap the Reward button on the main menu and you’ll see a variety of options. Under the “Special” menu, you can collect rewards that pertain to your character leveling up, daily login, and daily bonus. You can also tap the Login button to see another list of rewards you can get for just logging into the game. Why are there two login bonus menus, you ask? We don’t know, but it means more free stuff for you!

That’s all for Tome of the Sun. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



  1. I want to increase chance of pets because i have summoned quite alot and im receiving low class things in my 500 ingot summons please help me with particular subject thank you


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