Tomb of the Mask is a great new game that made its way on the App Store, challenging us to collect as many coins as possible in a minimalistic/retro world that seems to flawlessly mix Indiana Jones and Pac Man. The result is an incredibly simple game to learn how to play, but one that proves really difficult to master – and I am here to help you master it as soon as possible, or at least get better scores, level up faster and unlock all masks. For that, I have some Tomb of the Mask cheats and tips to make it happen!

So take a break and read Touch, Tap, Play’s Tomb of the Mask tips and cheats for playing this amazing game better and getting the most out of it!

Never use coins to revive
This is by far the best rule: you will always have the option to watch an ad to continue your run, so never spend the extremely valuable coins on continuing a run – it’s not worth it! Enough said!

Only revive when you are really on a roll
The number of ads you can watch is limited (but resets on a daily basis), so don’t overdo it and keep the resets for those moments when you’re really on a roll and about to beat your high score or get a completely amazing score. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. Start a new game and keep your continues for when they matter!

Spin the Wheel of Fortune
One of the best things about the Wheel of Fortune is that it can earn you Shields, which can be extremely useful in the game and get you very far. So spin the wheel of fortune and always try to get a shield out of a 200 roll (that’s the cost of one roll). If you win 600 coins, for example, this means that you have two extra rolls. Keep up with the numbers and calculate your losses and you will soon be able to get a nice amount of shields per each 200 coins spent. And that’s money well spent!

Invest in power-ups
Shields are really expensive, so I would ignore them early on. Instead, I would invest in the other power-ups, especially the Coin Addict and Magnet, with the Freeze being the last one to upgrade. Keep upgrading those as you have the money and only after you get them to half, you can consider buying Shields – although the Spin Wheel Method is even better!

Don’t waste your shields!
As you probably know already, shields are extremely useful but also extremely difficult to come by. So don’t waste them and only keep them for use in extreme cases – after the 4th or later leap. If you use them before that, you’re basically wasting shields and a lot of money. Make sure you only use them when they matter and make a difference!

Unlock new Masks
As you level up, you unlock new masks which you can play as. Some are better than others and so far my favorite is the Dog, which gives you more coins and no snakes, so that’s one less enemy to worry about. Look at the bonuses offered by each new mask you unlock and play with the one you think is the most useful.

Choose your path quickly
It’s not just the obstacles and traps in the labyrinth that you have to worry about, but also the bar coming from down under, so you need to move fast. Always look for the fastest way forward and ignore the dots, even though they are the ones that score points. However, staying alive for as long as possible is your priority and if you spend too much time trying to collect all the dots, you won’t stay alive for that long. Also pay attention at the blue lines on the walls – these are extremely tricky and in my case, the #1 reason for the game over message after the bar coming from below.

These would be for now our tips and tricks for Tomb of the Mask. Do you have any extra tips to share with us? Let us know by commenting below!


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