Toca Boca is known as that app developer that creates games for kids enjoyed by parents and adults as well. And we have some great news for everybody, as Toca Boca just launched a brand new game on the App Store and Google Play, Toca Life: Farm.

As the title suggests, this is a game where you get to handle crops, take care of animals in the barn and have a ton of Toca Fun! This is the first farming game created by the developer and it seems that they had all the reasons to delay its release so long: it was well worth the wait as the game is amazing, both for grown-ups and kids!


With lots of activities and charming graphics, this premium game offers relaxation and entertainment at a great price. The app is just $2.99 on the App Store or Google Play and you should download it right now: you will love it, especially if you enjoyed previous games developed by Toca Boca.

The four locations in Toca Life: Farm will give you everything you need to tell your farm stories. Tend to the animals in the barn — feed them and clean up their poop! Once you’ve taken care of the animals, head to the house, where you can have a meal then grab your banjo for an impromptu jam session. After a good night’s sleep head out to the field to tend to your crops. Harvest your produce and head to the store, where you can sell your food, make new products and buy goods!

Even more interesting is the feature that allows you to create original videos and tell stories about your farm: you can record your gameplay and record your voice over! Now talk about offering more chances for developing one’s creativity! Great game!



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