One of the most fun things that you can do in Titan Empires after joining an Empire is going to War with your fellow mates and trying to win it for the greater glory of your empire and some nice rewards too. There are a lot of interesting thing that you might now know about this feature in the game, so I have decided to create a complete guide to the Titan Empires wars and hopefully help you and your alliance get the most out of this feature.

After starting an Empire War in Titan Empires, you will see that there are five different areas in the war screen. Each area has some Empires from the alliance you’re warring against defending them, while your own empire is randomly placed in such an area. When you attack and win, you gain Conquest Points, and the team with the most at the end of each round wins the Zone and points for their empire. At the end of the three rounds, the team with most points wins the War.

Although this sounds pretty simple, there are some Empire War tips and tricks that you should have in mind when dealing with an Empire War.

Selecting your Zone: each round, you will have to select the zone you will attack. It’s extremely important to select the zone correctly in order to help your Empire the most. Look first at the bases defending the zone (the skulls beneath each zone are a good indicative of how difficult it is). Check each zone, visit all bases and decide which is the zone that you would be able to get the most points out of.

If there are more zones that you could win, it’s time to talk a bit more strategy:

1. Talk with your empire and have a plan. If your whole empire attacks the same zone, even if you have a million conquest points, you will lose the war because the enemy will control more zones than you. So make sure that you attack zones evenly and have a chance at winning them all.

2. Attack the zone with the best bonus. Each Zone has a different bonus and some are way more valuable than others. Here are the bonuses and my take on the best ones to attack and conquer in each war:

Left zone: Start with 15 Extra Mana in every war attack
Center zone: Gain 1 extra Victory Poin for each Zone you Control at the end of the Round
Top Zone: Every player’s first win in a Zone earns an additional 15 Conquest Points
Right Zone: 40% of the conquest in zones you didn’t win carries over to next Round
Bottom Zone: For every Zone the enemy controls, earn 1 extra Conquest per Victory

In my opinion, the Center Zone is the most important one as it practically doubles the points in the first round and adds extra value in the coming rounds. Then, I would go for the Top Zone and the Left Zone, while the Right Zone is pretty good if you are facing a strong empire, while the Bottom one is pretty useless. Make sure that you attack with these perks in mind when dealing with an Empire War.

Also, make sure that you win your battles! Your run in each round ends whenever you are defeated, so make sure that you approach each battle when you have all your troops ready to attack and you are confident that you can win the battle. The more conquest points you bring to your zone, the easier it will be for your empire to win the war.

So these would be my Titan Empires guide to Wars. Do you have other tips and tricks? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. Pretty good guide, though I know most of this, this is pretty good for the game being fairly new and not much documentation like some of PKs other games. Having said that my current empire is 9-0 and half of my empire and I are from another empire where I lead us with 6-0 so most of my empire is 15-0 and so I am writing a more extensive war guide. If you are interested in reading it I’ll post the link here once I am done. You asked for more tips and suggestions and that is where they will be as I don’t want to write it all out here.


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